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Famous Markets in Varanasi

Famous Markets in Varanasi

Markets are a well institutionalised system to ease exchange of goods with money. Human needs have given a vast space to markets. The earliest evidence of exchange of goods with goods was Barter System. The history of marketing though not in present form should go as back as the human civilisation. Varanasi is one of the oldest living cities and markets here can be dated as back as Varanasi itself. Evidence suggests that settlement first arose to Varanasi in 12th century B.C. since then civilization has flourished here.There are evidences that markets develop as human activities develop. Since ancient times Varanasi is a hive of human activity and commerce.

Markets of Varanasi generally gleam in evening and could be seen flooded with shoppers till late nights. Since India with its tropical climate India enjoys comfortable nights except in winters nights are no worry here. The meandering lanes, busy shopkeepers, bargaining customers are a landmark of the place. The bustling markets offer everything to shopkeepers. The tourism and industrialisation has given more space to the commercial activities.

Main Markets of Varanasi :

The main markets in the city are Chowk, GyanVapi, VishwanathGali or Lane, Thatheri Bazaar, Lahurabir, Godowlia and Golghar

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