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Mosques in Varanasi

Mosques in Varanasi

Varanasi is a city in India with profound influence of Hinduism since its origin. But there good amount of Muslims also. Varanasi is a sanctified city as a result of a broad range of new and old temples strewn virtually throughout the place and without doubt, they fortify the significance of the religion. Varanasi incidentally has relatively negligible significance of Islam comparatively several other Indian places. To put it simply, Varanasi, despite of the reign of the Mughals in most cities of India, remains unaffected by the ethics and traditional values of Islam. Varanasi is no doubted the melting pot of cultures and religions but with least influence of Islam. More noticeably, least fanaticism of Islam is seen in Varanasi. Muslims have assimilated local religions and there is no reportage of violence on the part of religious influence of Islam.

Varanasi, however, seems to have the following few most prominent mosques :

Varanasi yet boasts a few more less well-known yet influential mosques as follows:

  • Badi Masjid at Kashibagh
  • Masjid Hafiz Zahoor at Durgakund road
  • Masjid Fatman at Ramakanth Nagar
  • Masjid Al Quraishi at Mauilbibagh, Jaddumandi
  • Habibshah Masjid at Shivpur
  • Masjid at Jaitpura
  • Jamia Masjid at Maulvibagh

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