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EcoTourism in Varanasi

There are many ecotourism packages provided by Holy Voyages which are fully eco friendly to the environment. One can enjoy the village tour / Ashram tours with naturals accommodations and transportation and the fund raised by this will also help the villagers/Ashrams people to get their livelihood and help them to connect with outer world to know more about the world and environment.

Walking tour near Varanasi Ghats are also one of best example of eco tourism in Varanasi as it eco friendly as well as generates revenue for local guides and vendor.

Other example in Varanasi are like craft tour and silk weaving tour which gives promotion to the handmade eco friendly products like banarasi sarees, carpet (Bhadohi), and many more things.

Other good example is Yoga tour in Varanasi, which gives our old tradition a new look and can raise some funds to those people to continue their old tradition of performing and teaching yoga to entire world.