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Tourist Destinations near Vrindavan Mathura India

Vrindavan, a tourist city and pilgrimage centre of India from times immemorial is at the centre of many other tourist sites. It is in close proximity with many cities that are cultural heritage of India. To provide you a better information of other tourist places near Vrindavan we are putting here some of those.


Mathura is also one of the pilgrimage sites of Hinduism, related to Lord Krishna. It has many temples and gardens which are said to be abode and playground of Lord Krishna. It is just 15 Kms away from Vrindavan.


Govardhan is 25 Kms away from Mathura. Place is famous for Govardhan Mountain which was held by Lord Krishna to save BrajWasis from heavy downpour which was sent by Indra, the deity of Thunder and rain.


Barsana is 19 Kms away from Vrindavan. Barsana is believed to be the village of Lord Krishna’s beloved Radha. Many hills of Barsana have temples dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha.


RadhaKund is a lake 5kms away from Govardhan. A large fair is held at this place every year on AhoiAshtami.


Gokul is the place where Lord Krishna was brought be Vasudev.

  Nand Gaon

Nand Gaon is named after Nand, the foster father of Krishna. NandGaon is 8 Kms away from Barsana.


Mahavan is 14 Kms away from Mathura. It is situated on banks of River Yamuna.

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