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Abode of Widows in Vrindavan and about widow ashram vrindavan

In Hinduism there are numerous customary rites to subdue women from their rights on the basis of some superstitions and economic privileges. One of these commonly prevalent beliefs is that widows in India are abandoned by their kin and relatives once they lose their husbands to death. The biggest reason to this is common vogue is that women are totally financially dependent on their husbands for even their most basic needs. They lose all financial assistance once they lose their husbands and considered as a financial burden. So, to avoid any expenditure relatives and kin who don’t want to bear their burden leave them to fend for themselves or in Widow Ashrams.

Another reason of their plundered plight is superstition that widows bring curse and pre-mature death to house. So, they are abandoned to starve on roads leading to temples.

Some philanthropic approach to this problem has been started by some kind hearted people, NGOs and a few by government.

Vrindavan is home to 39,000 widows of India presently.

  Why Vrindavan as a largest shelter of Widows:

Vrindavan is chosen as shelter by many relatives who abandon stigmatized widows on the streets of Vrindavan is that it was the abode of Lord Krishna. Some religious minded people pity on such widows and give them something to feed and shelter. This way their life goes on and relatives afford to escape from any curse of killing the widow.

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  Life of Widows in Vrindavan India:

Since,Vrindavan is the place where Lord Krishna have performed Rasleela; and spread love in ambience it has become divine as all spirits are finally united by him.

Widows are engaged in some productive work by NGOs and with the efforts of government their life is transformed from hell to a heaven.

Widows who are old often get involved into religious activities. Those who are young and able to work can work are involved in various types of activities like education, stitching, cooking and small scale production of various goods.

  Activities in Widow Houses in Vrindavan India:

  • Religious preaching and prayers
  • Training to make widows self-dependent
  • Teaching to educate widows
  • Other cultural activities like celebration of festivals, Bhajans etc.

  A Social Call:

Finally such practices are discouraged by government and are decreasing with the efforts of NGOs, philanthropists and social workers. Such stigmatization of widows should be completely stopped as nation is prosperous and a culture is rich until it is free of bad practices.

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