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Cultural Attractions, Fair & Festival of Mathura-Vrindavan, India

Amidst the mesmerizing temples, music, art and dances the legend of Lord Krishna comes alive – every day. Vrindavan has rich cultural heritage of fairs, festivals and other cultural traditions rare to be found in other parts of India. Some prominent ones are as following:

  Holi in Vrindavan, India –

It is most unique and most eagerly awaited festival of Mathura Vrindavan. Holi is also most vibrant and enthusiastically celebrated festival of India. This is unique in Mathura Vrindavan as it is celebrated for days and starts much before the real day of Holi in Barsana, Mathura and Vrindavan. Holi is celebrated in March or Falguna month of Hindu calendar. People celebrate this colorful festival with a lot of synthetic colors and other equipment that are especially designed to throw color. Dance drama and music are organized everywhere. Temple grounds are used to play and sprinkle colors on each-other. Unruly colors in atmosphere and enthusiastic people let no one go uncolored from the hue of love.

   Latthmar Holikotsav, Vrindavan, India

It is unique custom of Holi celebration in Barsana. The name ‘Latth’ means ‘Log’. On Holi festivals these wooden logs are used by women to play with men. Women and men come in groups to play this Latthmar Holi in Barsana Mathura and Vrindavan.This unique festival is more enjoyed by foreigners than any native.

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   Raasleela, Vrindavan, India –

Rasleela or Raslila is drama form of Mathura- Vrindavan. Events related to life of Lord Krishna are shown through dramas and acting.

  Charkula dance, Vrindavan, India

  Yamuna Janmotsav, Vrindavan, India-

Yamuna Janmotsav is festival to worship and adore River Ganges on which banks Lord Krishna has done all the Leela of his life. Many cultural programmes and music concerts are organized on Yamuna Janmotsav in Mathura Vrindavan.

  Janmashtami Mela, Vrindavan, India -

Janmashtami Mela is most awaited fair of Mathura Vrindavan as it is organized once in a year and special to be birthday of Lord Krishna. Large crowd gathers in Mathura Vrindavan Barsana Nand Gaon Gokul and other nearby places associated with Lord Krishna’s life. Craftpersons, merchants, traders and customers throng upon shops on JanmashtamiMela. Many glimpses of Lord Krishna’s life are shown here.

   Haridas Jayanti Mela, Vrindavan, India -

Haridas Jayanti Mela is organized in memory of Swami Haridas, the famous musician of Vrindavan.

  Jhulanotsav, Vrindavan, India -

It is a worth watching festival at Banke Bihari Temple. In this festival, swings of silver and gold chains are prepared for Rasleela of Lord Krishna.

   'Brahmotsav' Vrindavan, India -

It is celebration in March–April is marked by the pulling of the Temple car by the devotees from the Rangaji temple to the adjoining gardens.

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