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Group Inclusive Tour or GIT

Group Inclusive Tourism in India

What is Group Inclusive Tour or GIT?
Group Inclusive Tour or GIT is a newly emerged concept in Tourism Industry. It is an acronym for GIT. GIT forms the core part of booming Travel and Tourism Industry. Nowadays it is caught into limelight because there has are a large number of people with same needs and prefers to be addressed as a group for any common affiliations. GIT defines the concept of group management and serves the purpose of a group tour.

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Definition :
A Group Inclusive Tour or GIT is a tour of a destination or event for a group of people, usually with some common affiliation (although not always), usually with a minimum of 10 people in the group and usually (although, not exclusively) organized through a travel operator and escorted by a tour guide (although, not necessarily).

Though the concept is quite new and need further development many elements of GIT are clearly defined by Tourism Industry. Main forms of GIT are as following:

  • Non-Escorted Tour : This type of tour is meant for those who have planned to tour a destination without being guided by a particular guide. Generally people this type of tour when they are in large numbers including family and friends. They don’t feel the need to be escorted especially on known destinations.
  • Escorted Tour : This type of tour is for those who have chosen a trained escort or a guide for themselves. This type of tour is preferred by small number of people especially when they feel their destination is little known to them or alien in any sense.
  • Non-Affiliated Tour : This type of group is formed by all those who have a common destination or wish to part of same tour but don’t know each other in any way.
  • An example of this is the London Bus Tour where participants have no previous knowledge of each other, but join the group tour to experience the sights of London. This type of tour is best for management of resources as services and transport is shared which cost less in comparison to touring individually.
  • Affiliated Tour : This type of tour is for those who have special common affiliation in terms of family or relationship, nationality etc.A group of family members touring a destination is an example of this type of group. A group of employees of same organization or colleagues and agents of same organization could also be examples of this type of tour.
  • Non-Operator Tour : Non operator tour is for those groups which are not operated by a tour company or travel agent.
  • Operator-Based Tour : This type of tour is of those people who are contacted, managed and arranged by any tour or travel agency. It is generally a safe and more convenient mode of touring.