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Mirzapur is a city adjacent to Varanasi City. Mirzapur City is located particularly in plateau area thus terrain is quite difficult but adventure seeking people often visit the places that are tourist attractions. Mirzapur city is the administrative headquarters of Mirzapur District of Uttar Pradesh. Mostly summers are not suitable for visit as the physical features make its weather extreme in summers and winters. So the most suitable time to visit the city is to walk the place when summers are spring and autumn. There are some 15 tourist places that area attractive and offers a difference to the visitor. To visit places of Mirzapur you have to pack your luggage for at least 2-3 days as all places are not accessible in one day.

Weather : 37°C, Wind W at 27 km/h, 16% Humidity. There are variations in weather especially in summers the temperature reaches to 46℃ and scorching sun dares you to come out. There are often chances of heatstroke so better you go prepared with lots of juices and water.

Location of the Mirzapur City : Mirzapur is situated along the banks of River Ganges at an altitude of 80 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by Varanasi District on its north and north-east, Sonbhadra district on its south and Allahabad District on its south-west. Its Coordinates are 25°10’ N latitudes to 82°37’ E longitudes. Standard Time Zone of India is very near to it at 82°30’ E.

Physiography of Mirzapur City : The district of Mirzapur has a rocky terrain which consists of hills, plateaus and cliffs. Mirzapur is watered by River Ganges, River Belan and their tributaries. It is surrounded by low lying hills like Rajdari, Devdari, Lakhaniyadari, Windom falls range and Sirshi. Stretch of Vindhyan Range makes it plateau and hilly in physiography. Since it is plateau its physiography give space to rivers to make picturesque waterfalls and springs.

Historical Relevance : The ancient significance of Mirzapur city is evident from the Vedic scriptures, where it is mentioned as a sacred place. It is believed that the city was founded by Raja Nanner, who named it after Goddess Parvati as Girijapur. As per folklore, Goddess Parvati (Girija) sacrificed herself in a Yajna at this place. Before the establishment of the town the area was dense forest was freely used by various states like Benaras (Varanasi), Sakteshgarh, Vijaygarh, Nainagarh (Chunar), Naugarh, Kantit and Rewa as well as British Residents for hunting. The recorded history of Mirzapur dates back to the Mughal Period when it was under the rule of Akbar. The carpet weavers from Jaunpur and Allahabad districts moved to Mirzapur during this time and settled here. The city is also frequently mentioned in the writings of Tieffenthaler, in the 1760s. Today, Mirzapur is known all over the world for its thriving carpet industry and brassware industry.

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