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Chunar Uttar Pradesh, India


Chunar is situated in the Vindhya range at a distance of 42 kms. Its District headquarter Mirzapur which is a very famous for its natural beauty, Historical events, Handicrafts, Pottery business & other Industrial setups and from the religious aspects as well. Especially Chunar town is existing in a triangular form on the right bank of holy Ganga and the left bank of the Jirgo.

As Per Puranas the oldest name of Chunar was Charanadri as Lord Vishnu had taken his first step in his Vaman in carnation in the dynasty of Great King Bali in the age of Satyug. It also told that a very powerful man had travelled from Himalya to Kanya Kumari in the age of Dwapar and took rest here whose feet impression a rock became todays Chunar. The third one deals with Bhartihari, the ruler of Ujjain who came here for penance. A kingdom was later on built here. The fourth story sheds light on a rock statue built by Raja Sahadeo, who named the place as Nainagarh.

However Chunar is highlighted after the visit of Babar followed by Shershah Suri, Humayun, Akbar, Aurangzeb and finally,’ the Britishers.

The British Governor General Warren Hastings also made Chunar his base while subjugating the local rulers. He liked the site of the fort and the climate and his residence still stands. Nearby, there is a sundial bearing the inscription, "Erected by order of the Hon'ble Warren Hestings. Esq. Governor General c & e in 1784". Latitude 25' 07' 36' N and Longitude 83' 09 15" E, from Greenwich. James S. Ewart Lieutenant.”

Cemetery for British soldiers -Another famous landmark of Chunar is a cemetery where British soldiers were laid to rest. The British realising the significance of Chunar's location stationed a huge contingent of the British army at the fort. The neglected cemetery on the banks of Ganga has a number of graves belonging to the soldiers and their families.

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