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Village Tour Packages Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India

India has been an agriculturalist country with self-sustaining villages. Villages here are very root of social life. Cultural phenomena specially weave around villages. So, tourists visiting India arrive here in large numbers to see the village life, in whole the rural society.

We offer packages which not only gives you chance to discover the roots of rural landscape but also other tourist sites en-route.

There are villages like Lamhi which has been the birth place of Premchand , great shining star of Hindi Literature. En route to Lamhi you would get an opportunity to see famous KashiVishwanath Temples and Annapurna Temples along with Sarnath.

We also provide packages for other villages which have vast Agricultural farms and a landscape dotted with grazing cattle and thatched houses . Here is a rich rural society which has been the backbone of ever-flourishing Indian cultural values.

In village tour we manage everything that would give you satisfaction. Here you would get all the freedom to interact with the rural folk and discover rural traditions. Villages have unique cultural and traditional life. You would get opportunity to know the customs, livelihood, day-to-day life and social knitting of villages. You would be taken to villages which are centers of Silk weaving and silk industry of Varanasi is thriving on the hard of the village people. The emerging dairy farming with expanding industrialization and its impacts on villages is a real experience that would capture your mind everywhere. There would be villages with rich traditions of Sanskrit Education , the Ashram system and ancient Gurukul systems .

You must have visited Indian cities and towns but have you ever thought of visiting an Indian village where still 60% of the population lives? If not, then this Tours gives an opportunity of visiting a village and experiencing a completely different culture and environment. Away from the busy traffic, pollution and cement buildings, Indian villages are still green, calm, quiet, traditional and otherwise the total opposite of the cities. Today we will visit an important village of Varanasi. It will be your choice. It may be Daniyalpur Village nearest village to Varanasi city or Sarai Mohana /Rameshwar Village for Silk viewing village or Jayapur Village – A village adopted by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi or Lallapura for Banarasi saree shops or Lamhi Village for famous Hindu and Urdu writer Munshi Premchand.

Duration : 6 to 8 hours or May be one full day

Highlights of Village tour in Varanasi :

  • Village people’s life style, Framing ,Flowering
  • Introduction of their bread & butter like making clay pot, how they utilize cow dung and how they live there.
  • Assistance of trip leader, walking through lane, refreshments, mineral water, & Support Van.
  • Meeting with villagers specially silk viewers
  • Explore culture & heritage of Varanasi.

En route you would get all the enjoyments of participating in Ganga Arti, visiting temples, glimpses of bustling Banarasi markets and much more.

You have an opportunity to know the richness of rural life which is unique centers of evergreen Indian Civilization.

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