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Yoga and Meditation Tour Package in India

Though Yoga is ancient Indian practice, it has been revolved with consideration of United Nation to celebrate 21 June as International Yoga Day. Yoga is broad term having its root in Ancient Indian Civilization. It is a practice of body, mind and soul that keeps you away from all the physical and intangible evils of world.

Yoga has been propounded by Sage Patanjali who gave many keys to practice Yoga in right way. Yoga if practiced wrong would lead to aggravation of disease and may effect negatively.

Thus Holy Voyages offers Yoga Tour Packages in India that works to coordinate your plans and to train you in the right methods and practices of Yoga. Sine Yoga is native to India, there are numerous centers that attract tourists and visitors yet not all are effective and right.There are many touts in the market to take advantage of visitors who are unknown to the land and its laws.

So, Holy Voyages have come with offers of Yoga Tour Packages which are organized at various hill-stations like Rishikesh, and in plains like Haridwar and Varanasi. There are also some other places where Yoga Sessions are being practiced and tourists, visitors and seekers are trained well.

Thus a simple package for fortnight could bring amiraculous change in your life. Not only this will you learn a world famous art that would keep you in good health throughout your life. It is generally misunderstood that Yoga or Yogic practices could cure diseases; in fact Yoga strengthens your metabolism, immunity and blood circulation which gives you energy to fight diseases. Thus Yoga Practices could take you to a holistic health which completes you physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually health as well as in ethical conduct and behaviors. Through Yoga Packages of Holy Voyages you would learn self-exploration, asana (postures), mindfulness cultivation, being optimistic toward life, and moral development.

So, walk with us towards a holistic health.

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Duration: 7Nights / 8Days
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Duration: 11Nights / 12Days
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