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Ashram and Muths

In Varanasi different religious outfits have their own Muths and Ashram. Many of these Muths and Ashram have survived for centuries and are centers of spiritualism and religious activities. Some of the noted Muths and Ashram of Varanasi are listed below :

Places of Interest in Kabir Muth :

  • Dharm Sangh
  • Nirajani Akhanra
  • Satua Baba Ashram
  • Widow Ashram
  • Shankaracharya Math
  • Jangambari Math
  • Sadhu Bela Ashram
  • Mata Anandmai Ashram
  • Radha Swami Bag
  • Kabir Math
  • KarpatriJi Math
  • Dandi Swami Math
  • RamKrishna Mission Sevashram
  • Kinaram Math
  • Sanatan Gaudiya Math
  • ShriMath, PanchgangaGhat
  • Tailang Swami Math
  • GadwaGhat Ashram
  • Gopal Math
  • Bhinagaraj Dandi Sevashram

These Ashram are non-political organisations and almost all run on charity of members. Many times some self-proclaimed god-men or god-women come to light in some other contexts or clearly saying criminal acts.

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