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Satua Baba Ashram in Varanasi

Satua Baba Ashram in Varanasi

Satua Baba is one of the most renowned saints or god-man of Varanasi. Satua Baba Ashram is very famed as it is the center of learning. It is the place where youth are taught Sanskrita, the most ancient language and mother of many Indo-European Languages. Satua Baba Ashram reminds one the ancient Ashrama System of learning in India till late advent of European and introduction of English into the Indian Educational Folds. Youth come here and go with full knowledge of Vedas and ancient Sanskrita scriptures. This ashram is also the oldest living example of Guru-Shishya Parampara.

How to reach Satua Baba Ashram in Varanasi?

Satua Baba Ashram is located near Manikarnika Ghat. You could reach Dashashwamedh Ghat and then ask any native of the place about Satua Baba Ashram.

Tradition at Satua Baba Ashram

Though human being come to Varanasi to get eternal peace and salvation from the cycle of birth and re-birth it is also the place where even corpse’s prostate in reverence to get eternal relief and get a new body. It is believed that a corpse could get bliss only if it prostate before Satua Baba. It is mentioned in scriptures that performing last rites on Manikarnika Ghat could give dead ones salvation. Satua Baba Ashram is 10 paces away from Manikarnika Ghat. It is said that it was the place where Lord Shiva appeared as an old man before Satua Baba. Thence, every corpse is made to prostate before Satua Baba while performing last rites.

Know How Tradition Started?

Satua Baba Ashram was established in 18th century. This Ashrama has one Shiva-Lingam, the landmark of Varanasi. It is said that Vaishnavite Saint Aghacharya Guru AnantshriVibhushitBhagwan Vishnu Swamiji arrived here before 2652 years ago. Also, Satua Baba Ashram is the place where one of India’s most noted philosophers JagatguruShankaracharya came to be indoctrinated by his Guru GovindacharyajiMaharaj. When he arrived here Lord Shiva took his exam in disguise of Chandala, an untouchable caste believed in Later Vedic Periods.

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