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Feel the Indian Tradition Wedding in Varanasi- Planning and Packages

Wedding is an auspicious occasion of everyone’s life. Ceremonies, customs and rituals especially make it a memorable event of your life. It is unique in every country. Weddings are basis of social orders.

Wedding in India is generally organized much before the real time of ceremony as you would always wish to include your near ones in this fascinating moment of your life

Nowadays, weddings in India are organized in Luxury Hotels and Banquet Houses yet they have the same customs and traditions that were being followed in Vedic Times. Some forms of “Vivaha” prevalent in Vedic India are still practiced. Arsh, Daiva and Gandhrva Vivaha weer some common Wedding systems in which ‘Arsh’ and ‘Daiva Vivaha’ are considered ideal till date. Each of these Vedic Traditions of Marriage has prodigious meaning in everyone’s life.

Holy Voyages offers you best Wedding Planners to make your Wedding Plans up-and-coming and unforgettable as it is once in a life time event

We offer our services to plan your wedding in most of luxurious Hotels and Banquet Houses in budget. Our services include planning and management of all Wedding Customs in Hindu, Buddhist and JainTraditions.

Like in Hindu Tradition they follow these tradition- Kanyadan, Bariksha, Tilak, Byaha Hath, Vidai, Mehandi, Sagai, Khachang Nangchang, Music Dance and Cuisineswith other traditions in Delhi, Jaipur, Allahabad, Patna and Varanasi.

We also offer Wedding Packages with Sightseeing, Wedding and Banquet packages, Wedding in Varanasi packages, wedding in Jaipur and other cities of India packages, and wedding with honeymoon packages and much more as per requirements.

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