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Visa & Passport

Indian Missions Abroad are the right place to acquire your Visa to India. You may seek a tourist visa to India, business visa to India, student visa to India, employment visa to India, transit visa to India, or an entry visa to India, from these Indian missions abroad. The Embassies of India, High Commissions of India, and the Consulate Generals of India, will be happy to help you get a Visa to India.

Visa To India

Indian government had introduced ‘Visa on Arrival’ scheme on 1st January 2010 for five countries and a year later, it was extended to a total of 11 countries. Since 8th February 2014, this facility has been extended to a total of 180 countries, around the world. However, the provision is not applicable for eight ‘prior reference’ countries- Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan and Sri Lanka.

The government also cleared Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for these 180 countries. With ETA, foreign travelers will be able to apply for an Indian Visa from their home countries and receive a confirmation online within 3 working days. The visa confirmation will be made through email. (Note: This process will be implemented from the next tourist session beginning in October 2014).

The procedure can be understood in the Q-A format below:

Q. From where can Visa-on-Arrival in India be obtained?
A. Currently, visa-on-arrival and electronic travel authorization to foreign travelers from 180 countries will be implemented at 9 major airports including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Goa, Kolkata and Trivandrum. By the month of October, this facility will be available at 26 International airports of India.

Q. For how long is the Visa Valid through ETA?
A. ETA is going to be available for a period of 30 days, from the date of the arrival of the tourist in India and the VoA is also going to be offered for the same period, but only for a single entry.

Q. Where to apply for VoA and ETA?
A. A separate website will be prepared for the extension of these facilities to the foreigners who wish to visit India as tourists. For getting a visa, one will be required to apply to apply on the particular selected website along with the required fees. He will be granted an electronic version of visa within three working days. This space will be duly updated as soon as the website is brought into public domain.

Q. What are the requirements for getting a Visa- on -arrival?
A. After filling the form, you need the following:

  • Passport that has at least 6 month validity
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Proof of adequate funds such as hotel booking confirmations, a return ticket from India and bank state

Q. How much does one needs to pay for an Indian Visa on Arrival?
A. US $60 or an equivalent amount in Indian National Rupees per person (including children). The visa will hold a 30 day Validity.

Existing VISA Guidelines
Currently, the general guidelines for applying for an Indian visa from various regions of the world are as under:

Middle Eastern + Southeast Asian Nationals
The nationals of Middle-Eastern countries require a visa to visit India for any purpose like student, business etc. Since the facility of Visa on arrival or visa- exemption is not offered to those from the Middle-East countries, who need to obtain visa before departure. You are allowed to stay up for a duration of 90 days in India. Passports should also be valid for at least 6 months on the date you are entering India. In case, you want to extend your stay for more than 90 days, a multi-entry visa will be necessary.

Except the nationals of Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and Singapore, the citizens of remaining Southeast Asian countries must apply for an Indian Visa and obtain it before they fly to India. The above mentioned 5 countries have the facility of Visa on arrival by paying the pre-decided fee.

South African Nationals
It is necessary for every foreign national (including children) to have a visa to enter India. The citizens of South Africa are issued Indian Visa, free of cost, which they need to obtain before they leave the country to go to India. Foreigners in South Africa with a permanent residence here can also apply for a visa to India from South Africa. The Indian Government has the right of granting and also deciding the duration as well as the type of visa with no consideration of the fees paid. Fee once paid is not refundable even if the Visa gets refused. Even if you get a visa, your entry in India is the discretion of the Immigration Authorities.

European Nationals
The citizens of Finland and Luxembourg have the leisure of Visa on Arrival facility; however, the other EU citizens should apply for an Indian visa in the Indian embassy of their home country. The duration of the maximum stay depends on the visa type.

U.S. Nationals
All the nationals of the U.S. require a valid passport and Indian visa to travel to India for any purpose for which they need to apply in advance for Indian Visa is not provided to the U.S. citizens on arrival. Ask for the right type of Visa as per your work-nature or you might get deported. Do not forget the proper documentation work and carry photocopies of all your important documents.

Canadian Nationals
It is important for all Canadian citizens that they should obtain their visas before their departure to India. The Government of India has all the right to offer you a Visa or not. In case, you are denied a Visa then the fee that you have already paid is not going to get refunded. Make sure that you are carrying all the documents along with their photocopies.

Pakistani + Bangladeshi + Sri Lankan Nationals
Pakistani nationals need to apply for an Indian Visa according to the nature of their work like Business visa, medical visa etc. From the date of application, the validity of the passport should be at least 8 months. Children need to have a separate Visa and all the documents should be intact. One does not get a visa for Prohibited/Restricted/Cantonment Areas.

There is no visa fee for the Bangladeshi passport holders who apply for Indian visa, however, the reason of your not getting an Indian visa would not be specified to you. You must specify your purpose for visitors India, according to which a visa would be given to you. Proper paperwork is extremely important.

If a Sri Lankan Citizen applies, for a visa, he must specify his purpose for a visit as the processing time differs. All the applications are assessed and decided-upon by the visa and immigration office at the High Commission of India Sri Lanka, keeping to view various important immigration policies.

Chinese Nationals
It is important that your passport should be valid for at least 6 months. There are various kinds of visas such as business, employment, students, journalist etc. Keep all your documents intact. Fill the form on your own and with true information. There is no refund of fee if you do not get a visa.

(Note- It is advisable that all the tourists must check with their consulate for up-to-date information before they depart for India.)