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Fully Independent Traveler or FIT

Fully Independent Traveller India

Definition :
FIT is a term given to those persons who travel independently without any assistance of any travel agency or Tour Company and any group. This term is given by a DMC, Tour Operator or Hospitality provider.

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A FIT manages and arranges his itinerary himself and travel alone on his own.

The term 'FIT' coined for the tourism, travel, leisure and hospitality industry sector.

FIT is derived to deal with destination management. A Tour and Travel agency operates with number of tourists, it looks after their needs and fulfill their wishes in order to grow and makes its customers satisfy

Acronyms of FIT :
FIT Also termed Free Independent Traveler, Frequent Independent Traveler, Frequent Individual Traveler, Foreign Independent Traveler or Free Independent Tourist. FIT is an acronym which has been used interchangeably for all terms.

FIT Travelers usually have a higher than average daily spends than their counterparts who travel in groups. But the aim of FIT is always to explore something new that’s why they used to travel independently. Generally FIT have their own ambitions of fulfill their development and research projects or to understand the culture and traditions of a place. FIT does not have to tour only to get pleasure and overview of any destination.