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Swadesh Darshan( Bharat Darshan)– India Tour Package for NRIs, PIOs and Overseas Indians

Tradition of Indian Millions of Indians are living on distant lands different from that of India. However good and rich there culture is they always long for bond with country of origin. It is an emotional bond like a child with his mother.They always look to come and see the rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, resources and unique people of their country.

Indian Tour Operator for Swadesh Darshan for NRIs, PIOs and Overseas Indians

So, Holy Voyages wants to connect all those longing for a tour to India. We have created this page for all those Overseas Indians, NRIs and PIOs who wants to travel India to see glimpses of Land and People of India.

What is included in Swadesh Darshan-India Tour Package for NRIs, PIOs and Overseas Indians?

Travel to 4 Corners of Indian Land

This tour package is exclusively designed to take you to the 4 Corners of Indian Land. 4 Corners of Indian Land includes places of Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western most tourist sites of Indian land. We would offer tour package to cover Kanyakumari, Vivekanand Rock Memorial, tourist sites of Jammu and Kashmir State, Tourist Places of North-Eastern India (Sikkim and 7 hill states of India) and Western India including Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

Char-Dham Pilgrimage Tour to India for NRIs and PIOs

Char Dham India Char-Dham Pilgrimage Tour in India is especially designed for elderly (retired) and youth with elderly parents who are residing abroad. People who long for tour package which take them near spirituality, philosophy and eternal bliss through connect with God. Senior Citizen often longs for such pilgrimage especially those residing abroad with children and grand-children.

This Char-Dham pilgrimage tour designed for Hindu Pilgrims residing abroad covers all 4 Dham (abode of God) i.e. Badrinath-Kedarnath, Rameshwaram, Dwarika Puri and Jagannath Puri considered supreme in Hinduism.

Indian Culture Tour Package for NRIs and PIOs

Village Holiday Tour Packages IndiaIndian Culture Tour Package for NRIs and PIOs covers all the aspects of Indian culture, traditions, rituals and beliefs. We would offer a bilingual guide who can explain every cultural phenomena or traditional practice whenever you encounter unique things. We would also offer you aid to take part in such practices and explore the beliefs of the people of this land.

Indian Heritage Tour Package for Overseas Indians

Holy Voyages offers Indian Heritage Tour Package for NRIs and people living abroad of Indian origin. This tour package would give you exclusive opportunity to explore the heritage sites of India of all kinds, cultural heritage sites, and religious and natural heritage sites. Mesmerizing beauty of Indian Heritage sites and processes how they have thrived over years.

Religious City Tour Package for India for NRIs

Religious City Tour package exclusively offers tour to religious cities of all religions of India like Hindu Religious City Tour (Varanasi , Allahabad , Ayodhya , Char-Dham , Baidyanath Dham , Jagannath Puri etc.) Muslim Religious City Tour (Ajmer Sharif), Buddhist Religious City Tour (Lumbini , Bodhgaya , Sarnath and Kushinagar along with Sravasti, Sankisa, Kaushambi, Lauria Nandangarh, Sanchi etc.) and Jain Pilgrimage Tour.

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Package for Overseas Indians

Buddhist image IndiaBuddhist Pilgrimage Tour is designed to show Buddhist Pilgrimage sites of India as India was cradle of Buddhism. It is for all those coming India from various countries. It includes pilgrimage to Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar along with Sravasti, Sankisa, Kaushambi, Lauria Nandangarh, Sanchi etc.

It is special tour package for those NRIs or PIOs converted to Buddhism and living in countries like China , Japan, Indonesia , Sri Lanka etc. where Buddhism is major religion.

Natural Heritage Tour Package for India for NRIs

Natural Heritage Tour Package for India includes visits to nature’s haven in India. It would offer you package for sea beaches, hills and mountain tour along with opportunity of trekking, plains of India, riverside-ghats in Varanasi, waterfalls and spellbinding picturesque natural beauty of India.

Fairs and Festivals Tour Package for PIOs and NRIs

Fairs and festivals tour package are special offers during festivals like Diwali, Holi and other cultural extravaganza like Ganga-Arti in Varanasi , Sankat-Mochan Sangeet Samaroh, Dhrupad Festival, Urs Festival of Ajmers Sharif, Taj Festival, Triveni Mahotsav etc.

Medical Tour Package for Varanasi for NRIs

Medical Tour Package includes all tour packages for holistic health practices and rehabilitation purposes. We offer all support regarding medical tour in Varanasi in India. This package is especially designed for those Medical Tourists who want to opt for alternate medicines in India for incurable and complex diseases.

Yoga Tour Package for India for NRIs

Yoga Tour Package is specially designed for all those coming India with a view to learn a holistic approach to Yoga practice which was born in India. It includes packages of different durations according to the needs of our clients. We offer all services regarding Yoga.

Indian Ritual Tour Package for NRIs and PIOs

Indian Ritual Tour Packages include packages for rituals performance like Mangalik Puja in Varanasi, Rudrabhishek in Vishwanath Temple ,and Marriage in Indian Tradition etc.

Shraddha and Pind-Daan Package in Gaya and Varanasi for NRIs

Moksha Images in Varanasi India Shraddh is an important Samskara of Hinduism. It is believed by almost all Hindus that performing Shradd could take soul of departed ones to eternal peace. So, Holy Voyages offers Shraddh and Pind-Daan or Last Rites Tour package for several places of Hinduism like Varanasi and Gaya.

MICE and DMC in India for NRIs

Those Indian entrepreneurs living abroad and looking for an expansion of their business in India can opt for our reliable services. We offer all DMC and MICE facilities in cities like Varanasi, Bodhgaya and Patna or Allahabad.