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Evening Ganga Arti Ceremony on Boat in Varanasi, India

Evening Ganga Arti Ceremony on Boat in Varanasi, India

Evening Ganga Arti Ceremony is a mesmerizing ritual held everyday on the Ghats of Varanasi. Here is whey you should choose Ganga Arti on Boat.

   Why to choose Ganga Arti on Boat?

  • Though you can enjoy Ganga Arti from the steps of the ghats, but Ganga Arti on Boat gives you unique opportunity to explore the full view of Ganga Arti ritual from front.
  • Steps of Ghats are over-crowded where it is difficult to have to full view of Ganga Arti from from front, so, Ganga Arti on Boat gives you chance to watch it from front without struggling past crowds.
  • You can start the Boat ride trip 1 hour ahead of the Ganga Arti and cover different major Ghats of Varanasi before start of Ganga Arti.

   What is covered in Ganga Arti on Boat?

Before start of Ganga Arti we will take you for 1 hour boat ride in Holy River Ganga to have full view of all Ghats of Varanasi including the most famous ones like World’s largest cremation ground - Manikarnika ghat, Tulsi Ghat , Harishchandra Ghat , Ahilyabai Ghat where Devi Ahilya spent few years and more. Not only foreigners but even Banarasi watch this ecstatic ambience with great excitement.

You can click all photography opportunities while Ganga Arti on Boat in your candid camera. Guided Ganga Aarti boat ride lasts for 1 Hours in which you can make videos, take snaps, and make GIF and more.

   Do we need ticket for Ganga Arti on Boat?

No, Ganga Arti is free for all but you have to pay charge for Personalized Ganga Arti and Boat.

   Do you need Identity Proof for Ganga Arti?

Yes, it is good to keep Id Proof for security. It could be checked during high profile visits.

   Do you need priest services for Ganga Arti on Boat?

No, you don’t need any priest services just for viewing Ganga Arti on Boat.

   How to book Boat for Ganga Arti?

You can contact for booking boat and to know boat ride tariff.

   What are different types of boats booked for Ganga Arti in Varanasi?

  • Rowing Boat (1-6 persons).
  • Motor Boat (up to 15-20 persons).
  • Bajara (40-50 persons)

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