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A Glimpse on Maa Ganga Ghat

A Glimpse on Maa Ganga Ghat

From ancient times water has been a way of purification especially for a country abundant with natural water resource. Civilizations have developed along river banks as there was no other means to get water. Same story goes for Varanasi. Bathing Ghats have been used in Varanasi from the time human civilizations have flourished here. It is said that human takes 84 lakh (8.4 million) births before final salvation and union of Soul with God. Thus, Varanasi has 84 bathing Ghats as symbolic to cycle of rebirth. Not all Ghats were constructed at one time but they developed gradually. Now Varanasi has 85 Ghats. These Ghats are platforms for various types of activities of people of Varanasi City as well as tourists. You can see worship of gods, rituals and sacrifices and gambling at one time on these Ghats. These have been centres of flourishing civilisation, pristine beauty of River Ganges, cool breeze and bustling of man.

What to see at Ghats :

People can enjoy diversity of Indian culture, looking ritualistic practices and understanding relevance of various mythical stories that Hindus have cherished through years. You can also enjoy mingling with people and understanding the importance of ghts in their day to day life. How River Ganges gives a means to livelihood to several thousand people which no government can ever give. For the people of Varanasi or Ghat Dwellers there is immense importance of River Ganges which not only gives it a natural beauty but also makes it the oldest living city of the world. The thriving activities around Ghats are worth noticing especially at Cremation Ghats you can see contrasts of life as you see crying and performing last rites of loved ones by people and playing innocent children bursting into laughter besides gambling, betting and neutral standing bulls at Ghats.

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How to reach to Ghats of Varanasi?

It is astonishing to you that you need not take separate routes to reach various Ghats as all are along river joining each other giving example of well-developed linear settlement. All you need is energy to walk on foot up and down on stairs.

The Ghats along the river Ganga (South to North )

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