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Fair & Festivals in Mirzapur

Kajari Mahotsava :
It is said that the king of Mirzapur King Kantit-9 has one daughter. Her name was Kajali and she loved her husband very much. She got separated with him and could never found her. She used to sing songs as her voice was very melodious. When they departed she sang sad love-songs in his memory. Though she could never find her husband again in life and died her songs remained forever with the people of Mirzapur. Kajari is not sang only in Mirzapur but also all around Uttar Pradesh and said to be the folk song of state. Ladies still sing these songs at houses to remember their loved husbands. In Kajari Mahotsava not only Kajari but all types of folk songs are sung and folk dances are performed.

Lohandi Mela :
2 km south of Mirzapur an old temple of Lord Hanuman is decorated with light (ghee ke deeye) on kartik purnima and every Saturday in the month of Saawan (Hindu month of rain in the middle of July–August), a big fair is arranged. The attraction is tattoo design.

<Ojhala Mela :
Ojhala is the current name of the Ujjvala River. A fair used to be arranged here regularly since 1920, which is a sign of bravery and the only place in India where betting is legal on the days of the fair. This has been discontinued since there is not enough water in the reservoir for the various water sports that used to take place.

Deep Mahotsava :
Celebrated on Diwali, all the Ganges ghats are decorated with lights (ghee ke deeye); locals have immense pleasure celebrating this on kartik Amavasya.

Jhoolanotsava :
In the month of Saawan celebrated by locals during rain, Jhoolanotsava is festival of enjoying natural swings on the branches of trees put for five days. Shree Dwarkadheesh Temple, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati Temple and Kunj Bhawan are decorated in this festival.

Kantit Mela :
Near, Vindhyachal Railways Station, there is a Tomb of Hajrat Khwaja Ismail Chishti, Who was disciple of Khwaja Moin-u-Din Chishti whose shrine is in Ajmer, Rajasthan. On 6th day of the month of Rajjab (Islamic month) Kantit Mela is enjoyed by locals as well as outsiders. This fair is symbolic of religious harmony and brotherhood, binding all religious communities in one thread. The fair has historical and spiritual relevance as this is related to Sufi Saint Khwaja Ismail Chishti of Chishtia Silsila considered to be one of the major branches of Sufism.

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