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Tourist attraction in Mirzapur

Vindhyavasini Temple :
The most famous of all temples is Vindhyavasini temple. People from all corners of India come to visit the temple in hope of blessings of goddess. The Goddess Durga in form of lady with many hands and riding on Lion resides at Vindhyan Range. The Vindhyavasini Temple is dedicated to the same goddess. It is said that he eliminates evil minded and sinful from the world. There you can see a large number of visitors and especially in Mahanaratri, the festival dedicated to worship of goddesses has elaborate ritualistic and religious importance.

Vindhyavasini Jayanti Samaaroh :
Started in 1971, this musical programme is arranged by the government of uttar Pradesh where renowned vocal and folk artistes perform and worship the goddess Vindhyavasini. The festival incudes dance drama, recitals, folk and devotionalperformances from all over country.

About Ashtabhuja Temple :
Ashtabhuja Temple is one of the revered shrines in the region, located at a distance of 3 km from Vindhyavasini Devi Temple. Situated in the serene Vindhya hills, Ashtabhuja Temple is another centre of religious significance. This holy shrine is associated with a legend, which states that mother goddess was born from the womb of Yashodha. Considering the birth of goddess as 8th child of Devaki, demon Kans intended to kill her. However, the incarnation of Shakti got rid of the shackles of Kans and settled at Vindhya hills at this site.

The cave temple is located atop a hillock in the Vindhya ranges, which can either be approached on foot or by road from the city centre

About Lal Bhairav Temple :
A Lal Bhairav Temple is one of the major religious centres in the area, which is dedicated to Lal Bhairav, a divine watchman of Vindhyavasini Devi. A small statue of Lal Bhairav enshrined in the temple is believed to grow taller every year and is the main attraction here.

About Lorika Rock :
Lorika Rock is one of the popular tourists attractions situated at a distance of 10 km from Robertsganj. This huge rock has various cracks that grab attention of tourists. It’s a creation of nature and takes you to the thought of miracles of nature which is out of bonds for human.

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