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Govind Dev Temple Vrindavan Uttar Pradesh India

Govind Dev Temple in Vrindavan Town of Uttar Pradesh is a major pilgrimage center and architectural specimen of prevailingarchitecture in Mughal Period.

   Opening time of Govind Dev Temple Vrindavan

Temple opens from 6:30 AM early in the morning to 8 PM and remains closed from 12 PM to 4 PM.

  How to reach Govind Dev Temple Vrindavan

By Train: Anyone visiting the town for the first time can reach Mathura Railway Station. Thereby taxis and autos can be hired for Vrindavan. Auto or taxi drivers can take you to the place by charging 15-25 INR from Mathura Railway Station.

By Air: People can reach Agra Airport from other cities of India. You can hire auto or taxi for Mathura or Vrindavan.

By Road: People can take state transport buses of UPSRTC operating for Mathura Bus Depot from different cities like Varanasi , Delhi, Lucknow and other tourist cities of India.

   History of Govind Dev Temple Vrindavan

Govind Dev Temple is built by Raja Man Singh in the year 1590. It is a specimen of Medieval Architecture. It has 7 Story. Temple looks like a European Cathedral and is made of Red Sandstone. Temple needs urgent renovations as it is in stage of degeneration.

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   Architecture of Govind Dev Temple Vrindavan, Mathura India

Govinda Dev Temple was a grand seven-story structure, with an altar of marble, silver and gold. Architecturally this temple is one of the finest in North India. A sculptured lotus flower weighing several tons decorates the main hall ceiling. It was built in 1590 by Raja Man Singh from Jaipur, a general in Akbar’s army, who was inspired to do it after meeting Rupa Gosvami. It was said to have cost ten million rupees and several thousand men were working for five full years to complete it. Akbar himself had donated the red sandstone for its construction.On the altar are Deities of Srimati Radharani and Her sister, Ananga Manjari. Madhu Pandita’s samadhi is next to the temple.

  Folklore about Govind Dev Temple Vrindavan, Mathura India

In 1670, during the rule of a later Mughal king, Aurangzeb, it was plundered and destroyed leaving only three stories of the original temple. During this attack, when few stories remained, all of a sudden the ground began to shake violently and Aurangzeb’s men were terrified and ran for their lives, never to return

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