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Nidhivan Madhuban Vrindavan Mathura Uttar Pradesh India

Nidhivan also known as Madhuban is considered to be the place where Lord Krishna participated in Raasleela with Radha and Gopikas of Mathura and Vrindavan. Place is serene and filled with spiritual fervor. Anyone who visits sits can’t hold on his or herself from visiting this celestial place.

   Visiting Time for Nidhivan Madhuban Vrindavan Mathura

Nidhivan is visited by tourists and pilgrims during day and entry to Nidhivan is prohibited after 8PM due to local beliefs.

  Association with Swami Haridas

Nidhivan is the place where Great music exponent used to practice music. It is assumed that the devotion and spirituality of Swami Haridaswas such that God himself appeared before him in form of BankeyBihari. The Bankey Bihari Temple dedicated to God Bankey Bihari could be seen here. It is a spiritually blessed temple where spontaneous overflow of religious observance and sanctity flows every moment.

   How to reach Nidhiban Vrindavan Mathura India

By Train: Anyone visiting the town for the first time can reach Mathura Railway Station. Thereby taxis and autos can be hired for Vrindavan. Auto or taxi drivers can take you to the place by charging 15-25 INR from Mathura Railway Station.

By Air: People can reach Agra Airport from other cities of India. You can hire auto or taxi for Mathura or Vrindavan.

By Road: People can take state transport buses of UPSRTC operating for Mathura Bus Depot from different cities like Varanasi , Delhi, Lucknow and other tourist cities of India.

   Mystery of the garden of Romance in Nidhiban Vrindavan Mathura India

Mystery of the place is that no one dares to enter the place as Lord Krishna still appears there at night and performs the same Raasleela that has been performed in Dwapar Age according to Hinduism. It is believed that those who dare to enter the Madhuban are found dead or become mad. There are no CCTV cameras as government does not dare to interfere with religious beliefs of Hindus.

The folklore says that Lord still come here daily to meet Radha and other Gopi's and spend intimate moments with his beloved. The food, prasadand ShringarItems left overnight is found relocated and consumed every morning and the bed disturbed as if someone has used these items.

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  Precincts of Nidhiban Madhuban Vrindavan Mathura India

Nidhivan or Madhuban is small forest. It is believed that no tree grows tall here as all are supposed to become swings for Raslila of divine gods and goddesses at night. Shape of these trees is such that they seem to cuddle up each other. These trees are believed to become Gopikas at nights.

It is staunch belief of locale that those events which took place in Dwapar Age still repeat every night at the place. Thus no One dares to enter the place at night. No, one knows the real fact. Government and local bodies do not interfere with religious sentiments of people.

If you wish to know the truth of this famous place you need to visit it once in a life.

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