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Radha Raman Temple Vrindavan Uttar Pradesh India

Radha Raman Temple is the famous temple of Lord Krishna located in Vrindavan. It is a temple where serenity and spirituality can take you to a wonderful sanctity.

Vrindavan Town is resonating at each of its corners by the names of almighty. Radha Raman is one of them. Radha Raman name is especially given as at this place Lord Krishna pleased Radha Rani most.

   Meaning of Radha Raman

Radha Ramana means “one who gives pleasure to Radha”. It is one of the many names of Lord Krishna.

  Visiting Time at Radha Raman Temple, Vrindavan Mathura India

Temple is closed from12 PM to 4PM.

   How to reach Radha Raman Temple, Vrindavan Mathura India

By Train: Anyone visiting the town for the first time can reach Mathura Railway Station. Thereby taxis and autos can be hired for Vrindavan. Auto or taxi drivers can take you to the place by charging 15-25 INR from Mathura Railway Station.

By Air: People can reach Agra Airport from other cities of India. You can hire auto or taxi for Mathura or Vrindavan.

By Road: People can take state transport buses of UPSRTC operating for Mathura Bus Depot from different cities like Varanasi , Delhi, Lucknow and other tourist cities of India.

   Rituals at Radha Raman Temple, Vrindavan Mathura India

The fires for cooking in the temple kitchen have been burning continuously since the Deity was installed over 460 years ago and the cooking still follows cookbooks from that time. This cooked food is distributed among devotees, beggars and poor as Prasad.

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  History of Radha Raman Temple, Vrindavan Mathura India

The Radharamana Temple was established in 1542. It is believed that God himself appeared in the form of a Shaligram shila on full moon day. This event is commemorated every year by bathing the Deity with 100 liters of milk and other auspicious items. The appearance place of Sri Radharaman Deity is next to the temple. Radharamanji is one of the few original Deities of the Gosvamis still in Vrindavan. The standard of worship is followed by complex ritualistic processes.

Also kept in this temple is the wooden sitting place (hoki) and shawl (chaddar)of Caitanya Maha prabhu that He gave as a gift to Gopala Bhatta Gosvami, Chief priest of the temple. There is no Deity of Radha rani in this temple, but a crown is kept next to Krishna signifying her presence.

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