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Adhai Kangra Mosque Varanasi, India

Adhai Kangra Mosque Varanasi

Pinpointed adjacent to Varanasi Railway Station, Adhai Kangra Masjid is reputed to be a well-known mosque in the city. The mosque has a history dating back to the late 12th century when the Muslims were in powerfully making efforts to colonize a range of Southeast Asian countries. The mosque boasts arresting appearance and yet the striking main gate seems to be the centre piece. Adhai Kangra Masjid manages to remain in public attention and is undoubtedly well maintained even to this date.

Location : The old fort area, west of the Varanasi city Railway station.

This historical monument located in the 'Shivaite' stronghold, symbolizing the city as the cultural capital of India. Though the word 'Adhai Kangra' means two and a half domes, the mosque has only one single dome with a huge drum. The mosque has a magnificent gate at its east side and one can enter through this to main prayer hall. The wall of the mosque is said to have Hindu inscription dates back to the twelfth century.

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