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Thatheri Bazaar in Varanasi

Thatheri Bazaar in Varanasi

Thathera in Hindi refers to a smith. Thatheri Market is famous for Metal and Brass Work. The Market is near Sankat Mochan Temple of Varanasi also referred to as Monkey Temple by foreign tourists because of large number of monkeys seen here. The locality has large number of brass smiths that gives the market its name. A range of metal work techniques have been perfected here to produce household objects and images of gods and goddesses. You can also find here ancient artefacts well decorated and intricate. Apart from this water pot Kamandalam carried by all Indian monks are abundant here. Bells, door knobs, articles of home-decoration, vases, grills, copperware, hand crafted carpets, clay toys are the speciality of this market. If you are tired you can go to nearby Sankat Mochan Temple offer prayers take a nap and gain energy to return again to the market. Besides the world famous silks and brocades one can pick up artifacts decorated with stone inlay work and minakari. Minakari was an ethnic art of Mina Market of Delhi in Mughal period which is an art of making jewellery popularized by the Muslim rulers in India. There is no date except strike on which this market don’t opens. In all seasons, all weather you can find this market full of scrambling shopkeepers. Roadside eateries can offer you indigenous variety of foods that you can enjoy. Also, like any other market of Varanasi Thatheri market is dotted with its unique betel shops. Now tradition is fading still Banarasis treat their guests with Banarasi Paan. Besides this market offers you a variety of goods that is made in Banaras and a Banarasi ethnicity.

How to reach Thatheri Bazaar in Varanasi : You can reach by taking an auto or rickshaw as per dependency of your location or can hire private cab.

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