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Godowlia Markets in Varanasi, India

Godowlia Markets in Varanasi, India

Godowlia Market is the oldest and most loved market for its variety of goods and its privilege to offer wholesale to retail goods. The archaic and dilapidated buildings posing a threat to innovation are the recognition of the market. The market is nearly 3kms from Varanasi Cantt Railway Station and could be reached within 10 minutes by rickshaw. Godowlia Market is Located in Maheshpur, Godowlia is the Central Business District (CBD) of Varanasi.

Situated not far from the entrance of the world famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple this market has been here as long as human activities and as long as anyone can remember. The actual market street is flooded with pedestrians, cycles, motorbikes, rickshaws and the occasionally cars. In the summers walking around the marketplace can get very muggy. Godowlia has narrow streets lined on both sides by squat buildings and small shops that sell everything from regular everyday household items to hardware, fine silk and brocaded fabrics, remarkably good inlaid wood-work, shawls, zari work, readymade garments, shoes, beads and bracelets and other costume jewellery. You can avail even the banking and share markets. The market lanes are full of repairing, retail, luxury, groceries and all the items that one needs from birth to death.

Even if you aren’t looking to buy anything just walking through and taking a look around should be fun. The illegal encroachment and extensions are a need of this ever growing market. The special thing about the market is cheap prices of goods in wholesale as well as retail. The shoppers should be naïve and able to bargain well. The prices told by shopkeeper can be reduced to half or sometimes one-third. In case shopkeeper doesn’t agree don’t repent you can find the same thing on another shop in throwaway prices. All you need is time to look around and judge the quality of materials required. You can also shop in Mall located at the very starting of the Godowlia Market.

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