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Devdari Waterfall in Varanasi

Devdari Waterfall in Varanasi

Devdari waterfall is situated on chandraprabha river near to the chandraprabha dam. Along the course of Karmanasa, at an edge of the Rohtas plateau, Devdari waterfall is 58 meters high.

The waterfall is one of the most natural beautiful scenes of Uttar Pradesh. For the security purpose the waterfall is barricaded with stone wall because there is forest near the waterfall and always there is a fear of wild animals. Best time to explore the Devdari waterfall is from the month of July to November. Lakhs of tourists visit every year to enjoy the beautiful natural scene. The waterfall is a famous picnic spot for the tourists. Major attractions are:- Baba Latifshah Tomb, Dhanapur Martyr Memorial, Baba Kinaram, chakiya Kali mandir etc.

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