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Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary Nearby Varanasi, India

Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife habitat is situated in Chandauli district of south eastern regions of Uttar Pradesh and is about 111 kilometers away from Mirzapur. The sanctuary covers an area of 78 square kilometres.

It was established in May 1957 and serves as one of the most beautiful picnic spots in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The splendid waterfalls like Dev Dari and Raj Dari along with Chandraprabha Dam simply adds to the beauty of the place.

Chandraprabha was known for its Asiatic lions that were introduced in the sanctuary in 1958. However, after a couple of years later, lions went missing and no further plans to settle new lions in the region were introduced. Today various other animals like black buck, leopard, sambhar, cheetah, nilgai, Indian gaelle, rabbit, monkey, jackal, wild cat, wild fox, wild boar, porcupine, chinkara, hyena, python, gharial and a host of colourful birds can be seen in the sanctuary. The forest area is also covered with numerous medicinal plants and trees like shagun, mahua, tendu, ber, koraiya, amaltus are found in abundance.

Places of Interest inside the Sanctuary

Raj Dari :
Surrounded by the forest area, this stepped waterfall is the main attraction point for the tourists. A picnic spot has been developed by the forest department near the fall from where people can enjoy the natural beauty of the fall. Deo Dari - It is about 500 mts down the stream below Raj Dari waterfall.

Chandra Prabha Dam :
This tourist attraction spot is located up stream on Chandra Prabha River near the sanctuary and is the source of water for both the waterfalls. The dam named Chandra Prabha has been constructed by Irrigation Department. One Nature Interpretation Centre, showing the names of different species, a library & resource centre, a small Canteen and a Guest House of Forest Dept. (under DFO, Ramnagar) having seven suites available at Rs. 100-300, are located inside the sanctuary, near Raj Dari waterfall.

How to Reach Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary from Mirzapur :
It is accessible by road and you can easily reach by bus/taxi from Varanasi, which is 70 km via Varanasi-Mughalsarai-Chakia-Naugarh road and 70 km via Varanasi-Pandav-Ramnagar-Mughalsarai-Chakia-Naugarh road. Varanasi railway station is 70 kms and Mughalsarai railway station is 55 kms while Babatpur airport, Varanasi is 90 kms.

Best time to visit : From July to February
Entry Fee – Rs 30 for Indians and Rs 350 for foreigners

Timings : 6 am to 5 pm

Accommodation :
A guest house from forest department having seven suits is available at a price of Rs 100 to Rs 300 inside the Sanctuary near Raj Dari falls

Entrance Fees
S.No Per Person Indian[INR] Foreigners [INR]
1 Entrance Fee [First Three Days] 30.00 350.00
2 Per Extra Day 20.00 175.00
3 Children Below 5 years Free As above [1&2]
Entrance Fee for Vehicles
S.No Per Vehicle Indian Foreigners
1 Scooter, Motor – Cycle 10.00 10.00
2 Car , Jeep [Light Vehicles] 50.00 50.00
3 Bus 100.00 100.00
Fee for Taking Camera Inside the Premises of the Sanctuary
S.No Per Vehicle Indian Foreigners
1 Still Camera Free Free
2 Movie Camera 3500.00 7000.00
Film/daily videography Included.
1 Feature Film 30000.00 40000.00
2 Documentary Film 3000.00 6000.00
Security Deposit for Feature Films [Per Film]
1 Feature Film 30000.00 50000.00
2 Documentary Film 2000.00 5000.00


Q. Where is Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary Located?
A. Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary is located in Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh. It is under the control of Divisional Forest Officer, Kashi Wild Life Division with head quarter at Ram Nagar, Varanasi.

Q. How do I reach Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?
A. Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary can be accessed by Road and Rail. Nearest railway station is Varanasi junction, 70 kms away and Mugalsarai junction 50 kms away from chandauli. It is well connected with Varanasi by road. Distance from Varanasi is 70 kms. Airport - Nearest air port is Babatpur (Varanasi), 90 kms away from Chandauli.

Q. How do I contact the Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary Management?

  • You can contact
  • Divisional Forest Officer,
  • Kashi Wild Life Division,
  • head quarter at Ram Nagar, Varanasi.
  • Ph. No. - 0542 - 2668231
  • E-mail -

Q. Which are the entry points to Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?
A. The entry gate located at Chandraprabha Dam is the main entrance for the Sancturay area.

Q. What is the best time to visit Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?
A. Visiting season is from July to February.

Q. What is the closed period at Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?
A. Sanctuary is open round the year for visitors.

Q. How will be the weather at Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?
A. Summer - Temp varies from 27oc to 45oc
Winter - Temp varies from 03oc to 25oc

Q. What are off days for Sanctuary?
A. None

Q. How to book ticket for Sanctuary is Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?
A. Tickets can be booked from entry gates located at Chandraprabha Dam.

Q. How can I cancel and reschedule my ticket for the sanctuary?
A. Tickets once sold cannot be cancelled and also cannot be rescheduled.

Q. Are vehicles allowed in Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?
A. Private vehicle are allowed in Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary.

Q. How to get a Guide for the Sanctuary?
A. Guides are available at the entry point. Booking clerk will help you to get a guide.

Q. How to get a vehicle for the Sanctuary?
A. Private vehicles are available at Chandauli, Varanasi.

Q. How many person are allowed in a vehicle for the Sanctuary?
A. As per the capacity of the vehicle.

Q. Where to stay in Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?
A. Rajdari Vanvishram Grah (FRH)
Rajdari Dormaitory Kakshi (FRH)

Q. How to book for accommodation in Chandraprabha Wild Life Sanctuary?
A. Accommodations can be booked at Divisional Forest Officer, Kashi Wild Life Division, head quarter at Ram Nagar, Varanasi.

Q. How much a room costs?

Rooms Rs. for Indians Rs. for Foreigners
Rajdari Vanvishram Grah (FRH) 100.00 300.00
Rajdari Dormitory Kakshi (FRH) 100.00 300.00

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