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What Else We Can Do While Villages Tour

What Else We Can Do While Villages Tour

1. Enjoy Home cooked Lunch

Food is an essential part of the trip and the lunch in one of the villager’s homes is a highlight! You will eat what the locals eat - rice and a few vegetable dishes (possibly fish or chicken if you would like). Be prepared to eat with your hands!

Big question while taking Home Cooked Lunch – “Is the lunch hygienic?”

Yes, absolutely. We make it a priority to work with families with clean kitchens and we use bottled water when water is required. We’ve had hundreds of satisfied guests, so no need to worry! We can also cater to most allergies if required.

2. Local School visit -

Witness the enthusiasm of rural Indian youth and get a deeper understanding of the education system.

3. Local temple visit -

Witness the rituals that are performed in Villages

4. Agricultural and Cattle Farm visit -

One must visit Agricultural and Cattle Farm to enjoy the work culture/processes in these farms

5. Watching Silk weaving process -

Silk weaving is special skill of Varanasi people. Watching the process is also a fun filled activity in these villages.

6. Taking to Villagers for History of that village

7. Spend one night in Village –

help you to know more about this village. Get time to talk to villagers. Best things you adventure to sleep in a hut made of mud and Bamboo with thatched roofs- a complete eco-friendly house.

8. Watching the local events like rituals/pooja/marriage as each village have its own set of rules.

9. Try to watch the process or things for which this village is famous for.

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