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About the Dhrupad Mela in Tusli Ghat Varanasi

About the Dhrupad Mela in Tusli Ghat Varanasi

Drupad mela is a great event which is celebrated every year in the Varanasi very excitedly by the people. It is a five days long festival of the music organized in the month of Febraury and March at the Tulsi Ghat in Benaras. Legendary music artists from all over the India come to take part and show their performances in this 5 days long occasion. This festival has become one of the major key points for tourism in Varanasi.

Starting Date of Dhrupad Mela 2020

Start Date :- 18 Feb 2020

End Date :- 21 Feb 2020


Starting from 7:00 PM and Performances went on well after sunrise .

Dhrupad is one of the oldest type in Hindustani classical music and currently commemorate as a musical ritual. The origin of the word Dhrupad is from Dhruva and Pada words (Dhruva means fixed and Pada means words). It symbolizes the type of poetry form and the technique in which it is to be sung.

History of Dhrupad Mela

The history of Dhrupad Mela on Tulsi Ghat of Kashi is more than four decades old. This time the four-day fair will start from February 21. This year, along with the legendary Dhrupad seekers, youth artist will also spread talent.

Organizing organizer Dr. Vishwambharath Mishra said that the foundation of the Dhrupad Mela was revived in 1974 to revive the popular Dhrupad style during Tansen. All Bharatiya Dhrupad Mela Committee formed by Bhavra Prabh Padma Institute came into existence in 1975. In it the first director is himself. Mishra and Guardian Manager, Famous Pakhawaz Mukhtar Mahant Pt. Amarnath Mishra and Convenor Dr. Rajeshwar Acharya.

This festival, donated by the Central Sangeet Natya Akademi New Delhi, was held on February 21, 1975 by the former Mahant Prof. of Sankatmokhan Mandir. Virbhadra Mishra inaugurated. Kashiraj Sawant In 1976, Vibhutinarayan Singh gave protection and financial grants by the Kashiraj Vidya Mandir Trust . In order to give it stability in time, Maharaj formed the Dhrupad committee. Pro. In the convening of Virbhadra Mishra, this fair continued to celebrate two days before Shivratri, now it starts three days earlier.

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