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Vindham Waterfall near Varanasi in Mirzapur

Vindham Waterfall

Vindham waterfall is an ideal spot for the tourists. The waterfall is near Varanasi in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. The wonderful cataract is managed through the woodland division of Mirzapur. The recreation area, van Vihar and various other tourist destinations allure the tourists. Just at a distance of about 2 km form the Vindham waterfall there is a Tanda Fountain which adds beauty to the tour. Tourists visit Mirzapur for temples, ghats, clock towers and contemporary architecture. One cannot forget to see the cave painting of nearly 800 BC of riding horse charioteers that is about to hurl a wheel and this painting is identified as of lord Krishna. The inheritance of Mirzapur is of India fame.

Location :

The spellbinding beauty and the natural gift by the God i.e. Vindham waterfall is in the Mirzapur town of Uttar Pradesh state. Also this waterfall is at a distance of 90 km from Varanasi.

How to reach :

Mirzapur is well connected by roadway, airway and railway to many cities of Uttar Pradesh as well as India. Nearest railway station is Mirzapur, which has railway link to entire significant places of India. Bus services are also available for many nearby cities like Mirzapur and Varanasi. And talking about airway, the nearest airport terminal is Babatpur which is 65 km away from the waterfall. Also Babatpur has routes to Agra , Delhi , Mumbai, Lucknow and Kathmandu.

Where to stay :

Radisson hotel, a comfortable and economical hotel of Varanasi is a recommended place to stay

Season & Best time to Visit :

The natural beauty of this waterfall increases manifold in between the months of October to March.

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