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Ramnagar Fort in Varanasi , India

Ramnagar Fort

Location of Ramnagar Fort Varanasi :

Ramnagar Fort is located near the Ganga River on its eastern bank, opposite to the Varanasi Ghats. It is 14 kilometers from Varanasi and 2 kilometers from the Banaras Hindu University.

Approach :

Easy approach to the Ramnagar Fort as there is a well maintained garden in the fort. And also there is a good means of communication like- auto rickshaw, cycle rickshaw, taxis or by boat.

Timing :
Open daily - 9 am to afternoon in the first half and 2 pm to 5:30 pm in the second half.

About :
Ramnagar Fort was built in 1750 by Kashi Naresh Raja Blawant Singh. The construction was done in Indian as well as Mughal style using Chunar sandstone. The fort has sandstone structure and was built in Mughal style. The fort is constructed at the high level from the ground level. Two white towers are there in the fort in which one side of the tower is a residential area of the King of Kashi and the Darbar hall and reception rooms are on the other side. The carved balconies, open courtyards, beautiful pavilions, correct utilization of marbles and the beautiful inscription on the walls give a splendid view to the fort. The fort houses the Veda Vyasa Temple, a museum, and the king’s residential complex. There is a flag on the fort which is raised when the Maharaja is in residence in his palace fort. Still only a part of the fort is open for public viewing as the rest of it is the residence of Kashi Naresh and his family.

Museum :
In the Museum there is an unusual and rare collection of American vintage cars, bejeweled sedan chairs, ivory work, medieval costumes, gold and silver brocaded royal palanquins. Besides all these things a clock is matter of concern as the clock not only shows the time but also the year, month, week and day, and the astronomical details of the Sun, Moon and other planets. Ramnagar Fort and its museum is the store house of the history of the kings of Banaras. Various temples are also present in the premises of the fort. Some of them are:- Durga temple, Chhinnamastika temple and Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman temple. Also the handwritten manuscript of Goswami Tulsidas has occupied a place in the museum. Museum has also a large collection of religious writings, books illustrated in Mughal miniature style with beautiful designed cover, five hundred and thirty-five illustration expressing Islamic ethos each having a decorative border with ornate floral designs.

Also due to the spectacular scene of the cultural heritage in the museum, this has become the prominent shooting destination for the film makers.

Festivals :
This place becomes more vibrant and colourful on the occasion of Dussehra. The celebration includes- enactment of different episodes of Ramayana, a colourful pageant or procession of Ramayan epic and also a procession of various antique displays of Royal possessions. Also in the month of Magh and Phagun festivals are celebrated. The festival is celebrated in the fort with a procession of boats with people dancing and singing. Devotees start singing and dancing from the Assi ghat and go along the river in front of the fort.

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