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Nakkatayya in Varanasi

Nakkatayya in Varanasi

Legend of Nak katayya : Nakkatayya festival is celebrated at Chetganj in Varanasi. It is an event of the Ramayana Era or Epic Period of Indian History. It is celebrated to commemorate the nicking the nose of Supernakha (sister of Ravana, the Devil King) by the Lakshman (younger brother of the Lord Rama). It is considered that Supernkha was very beautiful lady and she was trying to attract both, the Lord Rama and Lakshman to marry her. That’s why she tried to entice them by taking a new look. Lakshman got angry and he slit the nose of Supernakha. She went crying loudly to her elder brother Ravana. A Drama form has evolved in Varanasi as Nakkatayya which is performed by the folk artistes or common folk in Varanasi to replay this great episode in front of the people to rememorize the past event.

When Nakkatayya is celebrated ?

Nakkatayya would be celebrated on September/October Months.

Where Nakkatayya is celebrated?

Nakkatayya festival is held at Chetganj in Varanasi where parades and scenes are exhibited in the narrow streets of the Varanasi in order to represent the triumph of truth over evil. People, who participate in the parade or drama for particular scenes start their practice and preparations few weeks ago from the date of Nakkatyya Drama. People wait for Nakkatayya fair for the whole year to enjoy the fair. Fairs and festivals in Varanasi bring a lot of happiness in the life of city dwellers in Benaras and nearby areas of the Benaras.

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