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Adi Keshava Temple in Varanasi, India

Adi Keshava Temple in Varanasi

Adi Keshava is one of 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu as considered in Indian mythology.The Adi KesavaTemple is located where the River Varuna pours into the River Ganges thus making a confluence. The river-side is known as Adi Keshava Ghat or now called Raj Ghat.

Location of Adi- Keshava Temple :
Adi Keshava Temple is located at A-37/51 Raj ghat Fort, Varanasi.

How to reach Adi- Keshava Temple :
There is not any direct public transport to reach there. You can hire a private Auto/Cab or you can reach by River route also.

Opening and Closing Time of Adi- Keshava Temple : The temple precincts open at 6:00 am and closes at 12:00 pm. In evening the temple opens at 4:00 pm and closes at 10:00 pm at night.

Aarti Time at Adi- Keshava temple : Aarti is performed at 7:00 am in morning and at 8:00 pm in evening. There may be flexibility in Aarti timings as per convenience of temple authorities.

History of Adi Keshava Temple :
It issaid that temple is the most ancient temples of Varanasi. Some say it is 4000 years old. Thus the legend takes the originality of the temple to nearly 2000 B.C. when early Vedic civilizations flourished. This way the history of the temple makes it religiously more important as the Early Vedic Period is the root of ever flourishing Hindu Civilization. There is mention of Adi Keshava Incarnation, which is considered to be one of 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu in Vishnu Puran.

Legend of Adi Keshava Temple :
It is said that when Lord Vishnu had to appear on earth he first put his feet at the place where Adi Keshava Temple is located. Adi in Sanskrit means starting and Keshava is one incarnation of Lord Vishnu. So the Adi Keshava temple has ritualistic and symbolic importance for Hindu Religion which is considered to be oldest religion of the world as there is no definite evidence to suggest that when was the religion really founded. The temple is said to be the oldest temple of Varanasi City.

Architecture of Adi- Keshava Temple : Adi Keshava temple is on Adi Keshavaghat also known as Raj Ghat. This ghat of Varanasi is referred to as Vedeshwarain Ghadavala Inscription. Vedeshwara in Sanskrit means Lord of Vedas thus giving testimony to its historical originality. Earlier the Adi Keshavaghat was Kachha and made pucca by Divan of Scindia, a Maratha province. The temple is located at the confluence of Rivers Varuna and Ganga. The location of temple provides it a serene beauty and you would definitely feel a primordial energy of the divine. The temple is built in Wooden- Kathmandu Styleof temple architecture. The temple precincts give you enough space to touch to the thoughts of divinity and by sitting at the ghat on river-side you can feel as if you and nature are one. The confluence give you space to close your eyes and feel the fragrance of rituals performed there, the varied people and diversity of Indian culture, the skies and the breeze on Adi Keshavaghat. The temple architecture is heart-tuggingly beautiful and looks unique among temples of Indian style architecture. The temple has Adi Keshava-Sangameshvara Lingam that is first of its kind as there are only evidences of Lingam worship of Lord Shiva but never of Lord Vishnu. After visiting the temple you would feel that it was the place where you were longing to visit for a long time!!

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