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Waterfalls of Goa, India

Waterfalls of Goa, India

Surrounded on one side by the foothills of the Sahyadri range and on the other by the Arabian Sea, the waterfalls of Goa is a green natural paradise and the attractions of waterfalls of Goa are mind-blowing. Goa which is called the pearl of the east with its natural picturesque beauty is a tiny green land surrounded by azure waters on the West Coast of India, attractive beaches, majestic churches and famous architectural temples, grand parties and festivals and its rich Anglo-Indian heritage is a great attraction for all tourists.

Goa is not only gifted with the awe-inspiring and strikingly beautiful beaches, but is also gifted with lakes, waterfalls and springs of unmatched beauty located in the interiors far from the madding crowds and away from the coast.

There are three prime waterfalls of Goa which emerge from great heights and ripple through the rugged terrains. These three rippling cascades of silvery water attract hordes of tourists who prefer blissful solitude of isolated nature rather than the fun and frolic of crowded beaches. For the sightseeing of waterfalls of Goa tourists from all over the world visit Goa.

  The three spectacular waterfalls of Goa, India are-

  Arvalem Waterfalls of Goa, India

The splendorous Arvalem Waterfalls in Goa is a thunderous spurt of water beautifully cascading down a rocky terrain of a mountain. The waterfall is located at Arvalem, around 9 kilometres from Bicholim and 2 kilometers from the town of Sinquelim, North Goa and is popularly known as the Harvalem Waterfalls. It makes for an absolutely breathtaking view with water falling headlong from a height of 70 meters. The 24-feet-high waterfall makes for a beautiful picnic spot. One can have a look at the waterfall from the staircase of the famous Rudreshwar Temple. A park near the waterfall is constructed by the government to help people have a closer look of the fall and appreciate its beauty.

  Dudhsagar Waterfalls of Goa, India

Dudhsagar Falls are one of India’s most splendid waterfalls. It is located approximately 60 kilometers away from Panjim. Milky white waters gushing down from a height of 310 meters, makes this multi-tiered waterfall India’s fifth-highest waterfall. Nestled in a completely natural habitat, the site is a pleasure to witness and one can even enjoy some swimming or rock climbing here. The easiest way to reach Dudhsagar is to hire a jeep from Castle Rock or the nearby village, which will guide you through the forests to the falls.

Entrance Fee

Rs. 400 per person from Castle Rock to Dudhsagar Falls for the jeep drive.

  Kesarval Waterfalls of Goa, India

Kesarval Spring is located 22 km away from Panaji on Verna plateau off the Panaji-Margao highway. The spring emerges from the hard rocks and is surrounded by tropical woodlands and swaying betel palms.

In the monsoons the spring is in its full glory and looks fabulous, brimming with sparkling water. However during summers it is not that much impressive. Surrounding the site there is dense undergrowth and above its gorge the hills stretch out in the east and south. The word "Kesar-val" is an Indian word for eagles that used to maintain among the afforested slopes a colony. Below the hill in the 1950s steps were built as to reach the spring a stony zigzag track was the only route.

Among the locals and the bathers who come from faraway places, the spring has a reputation of having medicinal properties in its waters. It is a very popular spa, where people bathe in its water with a strong belief that the "healing waters" with magical curative properties will drive away all their ailments.

The Kesarval spring has designated as a tourist spot by the Tourism Department. Kesarval, with its rolling terraced hills, running down to the wooded countryside is a place where time is stagnant.

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