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Artist, Musicians and Local Music Band of Goa, India

Artist, Musicians and Local Music Band of Goa, India

Art and music is something which is in the blood of every Goan and this seed is planted from a very young age. From the very childhood only the Goans learn art and music, for this in goan schools, music is encouraged whether it be singing, playing an instrument or creating beats. The Goans love for music can be heard both day and night, not only in the houses but at social occasions and talented goan musicians dish out popular Indian and western hits.

Music of Goa refers to the music that originates from the tiny region of Goa, a former Portuguese colony, a small state on the west coast of India, and a centre that has produced and given to the world a number of well-known musicians and singers including musicians and singers for the films of Bollywood. In recent times, Goa has become home of one strand of the Trance music scene.

If we look at the Western music of Goa then we will find that there are several pop stars who belongs to Goa and are good singers of bollywood among them is Remo Fernandes, HemaSardesai, Lorna and many more. Goan popular music is generally sung in the Konkani language. Another recent contributor to Goan music is the Canadian- Goan band Goa Amigos.

The Goans have their traditional music also which includes religious music, theatrical music, art music, dance music and songs used to mark special occasions and events like marriage.

  Some of the famous Music Bands of Goa are:-

Big City Music Band, Lynx, Lorna's Music, Avalon Music Band, Birland Music Band, Laparanda, Mambo, Tresdeseos, Goaamchem, Rio Music Band.

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