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History of Goa, India

History of Goa, India

  Origin of Goa, India

Goa is the name which belongs to European languages and originated from the Portuguese colonizers, but its exact origin is not clear. As per Indian epic Mahabharata the place now known as Goa, was 'Goparashtra' or 'Govarashtra"' which means a nation of cowherds. As mentioned in some sacred Hindu texts such as the Harivansa and the Skanda Purana Goa was also known as 'Gopakapuri' or 'Gapakapattana' as used in some ancient Sanskrit texts? Earlier Goa was also known as "Gomanchala". Some other texts such as the Puranas and in certain inscriptions Goa was also referred to as Gove, Govapuri, Gopakpattan, and Gomant. It has also been known as "Aparant".

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