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The People of Goa, India

The People of Goa, India

Since Goa was under the Portuguese rule so for more than four centuries Goa's is isolated from the rest of India, its geographical borders in the form of the Sahyadri ranges and the tidal rivers have managed to give the people of Goa a unique and separate identity.

As mentioned in guidebooks and brochures the people of Goa prefer to call themselves Goans and not Goanese. Goans feels proud of this unique identity; and so they guard it fiercely.

Goa is a state which mainly consists of Hindus and Christians. The Hindus hold a total population of around 65% and the Christians hold a minority population of around 30%. Rest of the population consists of Muslims and other religions.

The Hindus population is leading mainly in the places of Goa like talukas (districts) of Ponda, Bicholim, Satari, Pernem, Quepem, Sanguem, and Canacona. These areas are those areas which actually form part of the Novas Conquistas, or the New Conquests, made by the Portuguese in the last stage of the expansion of their Goan Empire in the eighteenth century. The bonds of language and the Goan identity are strong enough to allow for different religious persuasions. The best evidence of this is seen in quite a few places of worship in Goa, where both Hindus and Christians go together.

It has been seen that in proportion to their numbers, a very high percentage of Goans live abroad as compared to the members of most other regional communities of India. But wherever on the surface of the planet Goans might be, they love to express the esteem of their motherland in some form or the other.

As per 2001 census, the literacy rate of Goa is 82% Out of which 89% is that of male community and 76% is that of female community.

Goa is surrounded with 105 km of coast line and a large number of rivers, so for Goans fishing is an amusement hobby as well as a pastime. But there are some traditional fishermen who catch fish for their livelihood so we can say that basic livelihood of people of Goa apart from tourism is fishing too. To catch fish these fishermen use their small nets and little canoes. The whole day they spent into the river with a speculation to catch more and more fish and at the end of the day they return home with a proud catch. Apart from fishing some of the fisherman also does the job of guides and sometimes by taking small amount they make the visitor learn how to fish.

To be concluded Goa is a state of mind and for most Goans, Goa is best expressed through the lines of the Konkani poem.

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