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Things to do in Goa, India

Things to do in Goa, India

Are you in a dilemma as what to do in Goa during your upcoming trip? Fine, we are there to resolve your queries by offering valuable tips and useful suggestions on how to spend your Goa vacation and the activities you can indulge in.

Goa well famed as the "Beach capital of India", is simply an attractive destination to visit. With this concept in mind that being the “Beach Capital of India” many people fail to look further than the beaches of Goa and in the course overlook many fascinating things. But we are there to serve as the ideal and wonderful Goa guide for you, rest guaranteed of an incredible vacation to remember for a lifetime.

Goa has variety of things to offer and the reality is that you will be surprised to see all this. Right from angling to luxury cruises, there are a whole lot of things to do in Goa. Not only this but Goa is also a great place to party; its nightlife is undoubtedly the gossip of the world. So plan your trip to Goa with a surety that during your trip to Goa, you have to spend a good time stepping from one hotspot to another.

In Goa you can also involve yourself in other enjoyable activities like wildlife watching. Apart from this there are a lot of other sightseeing tours and excursions which are also among the must do things for visitors to Goa. If you are a shopaholic and a good bargainer then you can also spend some good days of shopping in Goa. From lively flea markets to designer shopping malls, Goa is indeed a collection of thrilling contrasts. So, next time you don’t have to worry as to what to do in Goa, as we are there to help you out and offer you a fantastic journey. Goa without a doubt is a very beautiful place so; don't just waste your precious time lazing on the beaches as there are lots to explore. Be ready, visit Goa and explore this magical destination that has so much to offer.

So you are in Goa and wondering what next?

  Here is a list of the top activities to do in Goa.

  Fix your eyes on the Sea on the Beaches of Goa, India

Goa looks very beautiful when it’s raining as rains in Goa, are undoubtedly very beautiful, and it’s one of the best times in Goa when you can actually enjoy your drink, lying on a lazy beach side restaurant / or your hotel balcony, it will add more joy to your holiday if you have booked a sea facing room in a beach resort in Goa. The winds blowing towards the coast actually fascinate you and make you feel welcoming. Goa is a place where love is discovered by couples and by those who are for their second honeymoons.

A hot cup of coffee or tea with your loved ones will let you realize as to why we have recommended you to visit Goa once. In Goa there are some best Beaches that will actually give you a great view of Goa in Monsoons - Candolim, Baga, Sinquerim, Anjuna, Velsao, Vagator, Cavelossim, Utorda, Mobor and Patnem.

  Spicy Trip of Goa, India

During monsoons Goa looks stunning just because nature is at the best in Goa during monsoons. There are so many guests who visit Goa with a wish to visit “Spice Plantation' of Goa, the reason being they are nature lover and want to spend some time appreciating the nature, but what we believe is that because of the hot and delicious Goan meal served at the Spice Plantations in Goa, the guests spend time at the spice plantation. The best Spice Plantations to visit this monsoon in Goa are Atreya Vedic Farms, Sahakari Farms, Tropical Spice Plantation and Pascoal Spice Village.

  Leisure Cruising in Goa, India

Leisure Cruising is nothing but dancing and enjoying for almost one hour, on the roof top of a boat that cruises alongside the Mondovi River with live music. When you are on the roof top of the boat you can see the light up Goan style buildings, the floating ships, the swaying palms, the fish trawlers on the waves and also the beautiful sunset. You can get a chance to spot some dolphins in the river if you are lucky as the Goa Boat Cruises operates multiple one hour cruises in the evening on the Mondovi River.

  Get Adventurous in Goa, India

If you are adventurous and fun loving you can also try the high adrenaline activities like climbing, rappelling, rope cliff / rock climbing and even kayaking. In addition to this you can also enjoy cycling tours in Goa and bird watching tours, at the Wilderness Nature Resort and at Dr Salem Ali Birds Sanctuary which are quite exciting thrilling.

  Experience Heritage in Goa, India

If you are passionate with the rich architecture of the past, then that too you can find in Goa as Goa is an exceptional place where you will find amazing building structures built in the Kadambas, Mughal Empire and the Portuguese era. Not only this old temples like the Shree Shantadurga Temple & Shree Maguesh Devasthan and Tall churches & chapels like the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral and St Augustine Tower are a sight of attraction to almost everyone who comes to Goa. In addition to the above you can also visit the forts of Goa, which are now more of a film shooting spots and old heritage buildings which are a must visit spots when you are in Goa.

  Adventure tourism in Goa, India

Just because of the sun kissed beaches of Goa the adventure tourism in Goa is growing fast in leaps and bounds as they play perfect host for adventure sports. Those who are adventure lovers can involve themselves into various thrilling water sports activities such as diving, water-skiing, and parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, angling and windsurfing.

  Trekking in Goa, India

In Goa Walking treks and Waterfall treks are fairly a common similarly nature trails is something which will get you amazing information about the nature around you. There are wonderful trekking options for individuals as well as groups. Group treks include high hill climbing and crossing of the rivulets in Goa.

  Shopping in Goa, India

If you are a shopaholic and a good bargainer then you can also spend some good days of shopping in Goa, as Goa is a heaven for shopping freaks. Yes, it is without a doubt. Whatever you want you can get. From fiction-books, eco-bags, gaudy-bangles, designer-wear, metallic-statues, sizzling-spices, artificial-jewelry to artistic-creative; whatever you wish you can get. For the foreigners Ingo's night market and Anjuna flea market are hot places for shopping. Above and beyond, one can do unbelievable shopping in Panjim, Calangute, Margao and Vasco city as well.

  Tasty Treats of Goa, India

Is your mouth getting watery? Then do try Goan cuisine especially the shell-fish and curries. At every corner of Goa you can now find a traditional / authentic Goan food outlet. Just try the mussel’s masala fry / squid’s garlic butter fry with a sip of your drink and you will say again and again 'I need some more'.

  Party Hard in Goa, India

If you are a music lover then Goa will be the best option for you as the best DJ music festivals happen in Goa round the year. In the rains, the indoor based discotheques / party houses play amazing music and they just need reasons to play that retro or dub-step counts. The top of the list party houses in Goa are Tito's (in Baga and now newly opened at Cavelossim) and Mambos. Must go there to feel the beat of the music.

  Croc Spotting in Goa, India

This is something which is going to make your children enjoy and is a fantastic way to keep your children feel awesome. This service is provided by the boat operator. What they do is they leisurely walk along the inland waters along the islands and spot the crocodiles with their jaws open. The whole view is breathtaking but safe and great to photography.

in addition to the mentioned above, if you are interested in exploring more of Goa and want to know about things like the lifestyle of Goans, Museums and other great spots or some more modes of enjoyment in Goa etc. you can contact us, will help you with the right details and information about Goa.

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