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Handicrafts of Goa, India

Handicrafts of Goa, India

Generally the handicrafts of Goa are made up of natural things and materials. For making the handicraft items the Goans usually include natural material like coconut husk or palm leaves. The items and objects made by Goan craftsmen are generally in bright colors as the Goan craftsmen enjoy coloring wooden articles in vibrant colors like red, green, yellow and white. These multicolored wooden items are called chitaris.

The Goans also use brassware to make handicrafts of Goa. Corlim a well known place in Mapusa specializes in making of elegant brass oil lamps called samai. These lamps available in varying kinds ranging from four-branched lamps to many-branched lamps have the image of a god or goddess carved on them. Goan handicrafts also include pottery, shell work, furniture making, bamboo work and papier-mache.

  Handicrafts of coconut

Handicrafts of coconut are made up of dry coconuts and coconut shells. What the Goan craftsmen do is they just carve the coconut shells and make complicated designs on items like table lamps, flower pots, images of gods and goddesses which are later glossed and colored. Shell Products and items are different kinds of shapes and designs made out of shells. Terracotta items are traditional form of craftsmanship where mud is molded in make items like flower pots and many decorative items.

Handicrafts of Goa are the most valuable assets of the beach state, which are not only ethnic, but their creative merit surpasses many costly trendy items of the present age. Goanese are very good at carving out showpieces out of natural stuff like coconut husk or palm leaves.

To fulfill a tourist's wish to shop for exclusive Goan handicrafts, an overabundance of items are made under the support of the Goa Rural Handicrafts and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation. The items made by these craftsmen in Goa are made available at the Handicrafts Emporium in Panjim, tourist hotels, and other souvenir hubs.

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