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Catholic Festivals of Goa, India

Catholic Festivals of Goa, India

Goa is a state which has an exceptional mix of socio-religious culture. As Goa is chiefly a Roman Catholic society, so in Goa mainly Christian festivals are celebrated. Several festivals and celebrations are marked in the Goanese calendar such as feast days, monsoon celebrations, thanks giving and processions and the temples and churches of Goa are distinctive in celebration of these festivals.

As the Christians forms the second largest majority after Hindus, so almost every town and city in Goa has a church. The festivals celebrated by the Christians are worth a watch as they celebrate their festivals with much splendor and pleasure. Some major festivals celebrated by the Christians in Goa are Christmas, Good Friday, St. Xavier's Feast, and Feast of the Three Kings, Bonderam and the Margao Feast. Goa has a rich cultural history and being a part of India itself means having a kaleidoscope of festivals. The culture and tradition of Goa is an amalgamation of Portugal culture, Mughal culture as it was under Portugal rule and Mughal rule and Goan culture, so it has a unique culture which can be evident from the festivals it celebrates. As people of Goa are broadminded so they don’t have any problem in any religions and they also respect different religious faiths.

Goa is a state where the people are broadminded so the Goans celebrate not only Hindu Festival, Muslim Festival and Christian festivals, but also festivals that are limited to Goa. Of these festivals there are some festivals of Goa which are typically Goan festivals. Christian influence in Goa is mainly because of the Portugal rule whose rule though has ended but they left a deep and everlasting Christian influence in this state of India. It was during Portugal rule; the people were converted to Christians on a large scale. But the people who have converted into Christians have not forgotten their roots even though they follow the Christian practices and believe in the Christian faith.

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