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Top 5 Tourist Places near Puri, Odisha

Top 5 Tourist Places near Puri, Odisha

Konark (50 KM, 1 Hour by drive)

Konark which one is the “Golden Triangle of Odisha”, is famous for UNESCO World Heritage Site -Sun Temple, Beaches, rich culture and heritage.

Konark is popularly famous as the home to Konark Festival, one of the oldest and popular cultural festivals of India. Konark is also called as “Konaditya” and is located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

Konark is also discovered as stated in the Puranas as Mundira or Mundirasvamin. Muslim rulers invaded India during the 12th century but after the death of Mohammad Gauri, the Muslim rule destabilized, this the Hindu kings take as an opportunity to restrict the movement of Muslims in India. This led a ferocious battle between Tughan Khan and King Narsimhadeva I, in which the Hindu king won and thus the Sun Temple was constructed as a victory memorial.

Cuttack (80 KM, 1.5 Hr by drive)

Cuttack, the second biggest city in Odisha is 27 KM from the state capital Bhubaneshwar and is located at the meeting of Mahanadi and Kathajodi Rivers.

In Cuttack is organized the annual Bali Yatra which is the largest trade fair in India and the second largest in Asia.

You can easily see people devotees of Goddess Durga and the Cuttack Chandi Temple, where Goddess Chandi a personification of goddess Durga is the city’s presiding deity. Cuttack is a city where the culture of the city revolves around Hindu practices, but then also the city houses a large population of Muslims and Sikhs and their important shrines.

Being a commercial and a pilgrim center, the city very well serve as an outstanding tourist destination. With its medieval beauty in the form of superb monuments like Barabati Fort, Stone Revetment among others, Cuttack leaves visitors enthralled.

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Bhubaneswar (80 KM, 1 Hr 30 Min)

Bhubaneshwar the busy and the lively city is the capital of Odisha and is most prominent for its architecture and ancient temples. Like Cuttack Bhubaneshwar is a Hindu pilgrimage center and is also well famed for Buddhism. The Lingaraja Temple belonging to the 10th century devoted to Lord Shiva is a must visit. Other tourist spots to visit fromm Bhubaneswar are Nandan Kanan Zoological Park, Dhauli Shanti Stupa built by Ashoka the Great, Chilika Lake and Pipili Appliqué Craft Village.

The city and this temple together with the holy city of Puri (Jagannath Temple) and Konark (Sun Temple) form the Golden Triangle of Odisha.

Mandarmani (400 KM, 8 Hrs)

Mandarmani which is situated about 400 KM from Puri, is known to have the Longest Travelable Beach in India. The village offers a peaceful atmosphere for tourists to relax and is known as Mandarboni by the locals.

Mandarmani beach is a perfect spot to watch the sunrise, and it offers water sport facilities like surfing, banana boat rides, jet skiing, ATV bikes and bungee trampoline. During the Digha-Mandarmani Festival held in January several water and beach sports are conducted. During this festival several Bangla bands perform on a temporary stage built on the beach. If you love shopping, then there are objects and ornaments made from seashells and oysters which are a must have.

Kolkata (500 KM from Puri)

Kolkata “City of Joy” and capital of West Bengal , India holds an important place in the economy, politics and culture of India. Kolkata the capital city of West Bengal is among one of the four metropolitan cities in India and has retained its prototypical charm despite modernization. Places to visit in Kolkata are Victoria Memorial Hall , Howrah Bridge , The Mother House , Eden Garden , Kali Temple and more.

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