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Top 5 Beaches in Puri, Odisha, India

Top 5 Beaches in Puri, Odisha, India

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Golden Beach (Puri Beach)

Jagannath Temple is located along Puri beach. It’s a picturesque natural beach on Bay of Bengal coast. The Deccan plateaus make several physiographical features for loving couples to hide and seek love for each other far from eyes of locals.

Beleswar Beach

Beleswar, also known as Baleshwar is about 15 KM east of Puri and place is popular for its beach and Shaivite shrine . Tourist visits the place to watch the sunrise and sunset. The Beleswar Beach is more popular among newlywed couples who come to the beach to pray at the Shiva temple as it is less crowded.

Beleswar Temple is famous for its religious holiness and its natural magnificence. The Mahashivaratri Festival is celebrated with great dedication at the temple and thousands of devotees visit this place during the festival.

Balighai Beach

8 KM northeast of Balighai is one of the most notable beaches in Odisha, Balighai is pristine beach and relatively undiscovered. Situated at the mouth of Nuanai River, the spectacle of the calm river flowing into the Bay of Bengal is a sight to behold.

Model Beach

Unlike other beaches of India where you use a lot of plastic stuff as means of beach entertainment, you will find everything green here. The palm leaf umbrella, bamboo life support, cabana boys as lifesaving jackets goes well with the theme of beach.

Swargdwar Beach

Swargdwar Beach is clean beach with beautiful surrounding and calmness. It is believed that Swargdwar is the place where Lord Jagannath enters from heaven on earth and souls of people cremated in Swargdwar directly reach heaven.

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