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10 Things you must do in Puri, Odisha, India

10 Things you must do in Puri, Odisha, India

Jagannath Temple Rath Yatra

Ratha Yatra is the grand conclusion and finale of the most grand and countless festivals celebrated round the year in the holy city of Puri, in the summer and the monsoon months .

Shell Shopping in Puri

From the beach side shops to the market sprawling around Jagannath Temple, Puri offers a ‘Shopper’s Paradise’. You can buy here many rare Conch Shells, items made up of shell and traditional embroidery in a few bucks much lower than prices in other places of India.

Forget not to bring some pieces of handicrafts of the Region, Soap Stone, Sea-shell, Pattachitras and Palm Leaf paintings, Horn work, Wood carvings, and Solapith work can be purchased from Puri. You can also buy good Cotton Sarees from Temple Road.

Excursion to Pipili Appliqué Craft Village

Appliqué work is mainly used during ceremonial Procession of Lord Jagannath i.e. Jagannath Rath Yatra in Puri.

Appliqué work is not a mere art work but it also carries great traditions, myths, symbolism, imagination and more. Vibrantly coloured Appliqué work done on wooden strips and clothes carries great tribal legacy of the state . Forget not to bring a piece as souvenir.

Visit Raghurajpur Artisan Village

Raghurajpur is yet another village famous for art but different from Pipili. You can find here traditional Pattachitra making at good price. At Raghurajpur, every house is an artist's studio. Pattachitra paintings, with religious and tribal themes done over a piece of cloth, are a specialty. The artisans make a wide variety of other items too, including palm leaf engravings, pottery, wood carvings, and wooden toys . If you are an art lover bring home some fine specimen of traditional art.

Raghurajpur is also famous for Gotipua Dance; a predecessor of Odissi.

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Eat Local Cuisines in Bamboo and thatched restaurants

Bamboo Restaurants of Odisha will give you the same pleasure that you get in Candle Light Dinners . Some peeping rays of sun are good enough to make your face glow some extra while having lunch under scorching sun in this tropical state of India.

Besides a great ambience, Bamboo Restaurants along beaches are famous for serving mouth watering sea foods with traditional flavour.

Visit Sustainable Model Beach

Model Beach as name indicates is especially designed to incorporate the idea of sustainable living and practices along beach.

Unlike other beaches of India where you use a lot of plastic stuff as means of beach entertainment, you will find everything green here. The palm leaf umbrella, bamboo life support, cabana boys as lifesaving jackets goes well with the theme of beach.

Visit Swargdwar Cremation Ground – Place of Salvation for Odisha

Swargdwar is the Largest Cremation Ground and place of salvation for Odisha. Not every dying far away from River Ganges can be deprived of salvation. This cremation ground gives hope to many who can’t afford death or death ritual along River Ganges.

There are beliefs related to the cremation at Swargdwar. It is believed that Swargdwar is the place where Lord Jagannath enters from heaven on earth and souls of people cremated in Swargdwar directly reach heaven.

Bathing Rituals in Markandeya Tank

Pilgrims take a holy dip in India to do away with the sins committed mistakenly. It is believed that Markandeya Tank is the place where Vishnu is said to have resided as a Neem Tree; reflecting deep rooted culture of nature worship in Indian religion.

You can also take here bath and feel the traditional rituals at the place.

International Sand Art Festivals

You can see here mesmerising pieces carved in sand on clean beach of Puri. Many renowned artists from across the world come to visit the Art in Sand of Odisha. Sand is poignant representation of many social themes that are rarely highlighted in mainstream media.


Sand Art is Odisha is popular for sand creations. It is held every year in the month of December on Chandrabhaga Beach by Odisha Tourism.

Puri Beach Festival

Puri Beach Festival is mesmerising show-casing of both Classical and Folk Life of India through songs, dances, cuisines and cultural activities.


Puri Beach Festival is held every year in the month of November for about five days.

Top Things to do in Puri

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