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Some soulful music at Kabira Festival in Banaras Dec 10th, 2019 from Times of India

Kabira Festival in Banaras

Soulful music with a picturesque setting in the background could be a heady combination. The guests attending the annual Kabira Festival got ample opportunity to soak in this beautiful blend. The morning music sessions at the Guleria Ghat with the rising sun and calmness of river Ganga, giving company to the listeners, was a blissful experience .

Ustad Kamal Neeraj Mishra on added to the morning serenity. He presented several raag-based compositions while vocalist Ujawal Nagar, through his rendition, stressed on Kabir as a guru. Taking further the Kabirvani were Shabnam Virmani and Swagath , who regaled the audience on the second morning, of the two-day festival.

The musical evenings on the beautifully lit Shivala Ghat was again a treat for the music aficionados. A flute recital by Ajay Shankar Prasanna and Ustad Kamal Sabri on the Sarangi gave an instrumental tribute to the great poet and saint.

Some foot-tapping music marked the concluding evening of the festival. Performances of international artists under the banner of Unity Earth, jazzed up the evening. Kristin Hoffmann in her soulful voice sang among other, her popular song Re-Entry. Next to take on the stage was popular reggae singer Pato Banton , who made sure that everyone danced to his numbers. His song Love O Love, Sweet Love Is The Greatest Thing had the audience evening crooning along. He went on to sing his popular number, New Day Dawning. “This is a song for brighter future when , the air is cleaner, there is no war and women are treated equally,” said the popular singer.

Kabira Café led by Neeraj Arya was another highlight of the evening. Their songs like Chadariya Jheeni and Mann Laga Fakiri Mein with philosophical overtones had the audience asking for more. Raman Iyer of the band urged the audience to dance. “Yeh London lag raha hai Banaras nahi, aap log dance toh kariye.”

Earlier, artistes Om Prakash Nayak and Mooralala Marwada, brought forth the earthy flavours of Indian folk singing.

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