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Weather & Climate of Khajuraho, India

Madhya Pradesh geographically is a vivid variety region. Although the western part of the state is dry, but at the same time the central and northern region in which Khajuraho lies is well watered and relatively fertile. To the east is the bamboo forest of Bandhavgarh and further in that direction the great forests of Chhattisgarh and Bastar.


With temperature rising to 47 degrees Celsius summers in Khajuraho are extremely hot. This extremely hot, dry summer of Khajuraho is controlled by the monsoon showers that arrive in the months of June and July.


Khajuraho don’t have much monsoon. But the monsoon in the month of June and July are adequate to refill the khajuraho’s village tanks and feed the surrounding forests.


From November to March it is winter and spring in Khajuraho and during this period the weather is very pleasant with temperatures reaching as low as 4 degree Celsius. So, winters are the best time and the best season to visit Khajuraho.

The state with a moderate climate and mountainous countryside has given India a rich variety of local flora and fauna. It is lovely place to be visited, to enjoy picnics and wander amidst the temples.

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