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Eastern Group of Temples of Khajuraho, India

Eastern Group of Temples of Khajuraho, India

Where is Eastern group of temples of Khajuraho located? Why to visit Eastern group of temples of Khajuraho?

From the western group of Temples a kilometer towards the east is the khajursagar and the old village of Khajuraho. On one of the paths to the village is a modern whitewashed structure with a large orange - red statue within. The statue is that of Hanuman, the monkey king who helped Ram (of the Ramayana) when he was in exile is still worshipped but is one of the oldest images to be found in khajuraho. Statues and bits of ancient sculpture are still found lying scattered around, supporting a roof or resting against a wall.

The village is lovely and as yet quite improved, but every day the destructive traces of 'modernization' appear. The houses of the village are very old and are made up of red bricks and are tiled and have gently sloping roofs. A house is built around a central courtyard and is used for common household activities like washing and drying. The rooms built around the central space have low ceilings and thick whitewashed walls which makes the room very cool. Along the doorway and windows of these houses one can occasionally sees lovely painted images and patterns created by the woman of the house. All the houses of the village are built very close together. Where two lanes meet then for the benefit of the group of people the narrow lanes of the village are paved, and broaden. Khajuraho is one of the most visited spot and because the children of the village have seen foreign tourists all their lives so they speak many languages - English, French or even Japanese.

   The eastern group of temples comprises of the following temples:

» Bramha Temple

» Vamana Temple

» Javari Temple

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