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About Khajuraho Dance Festival, India

Khajuraho Dance Festival

Khajuraho Dance Festival spread across backdrop of Khajuraho Temples is a mesmerizing presentation of Indian Cultural traits and nuances. Khajuraho Festival is not only recreational Cultural extravaganza but it gives a platform for dialogues between dance connoisseurs, tribute to art exponents and exhibition of art intellects. This Dance Festival is also used to promote Indian Culture and Heritage. It is an opportunity for state government to encourage Art connoisseur by giving Awards. Magnificently lit Stage at the backdrop of world famed architectural specimen Khajuraho Temples and the exhilarating dance performances leaves an eternal impression on the mind of every visitor to Khajuraho Dance Festival.

   Time of Celebration of Khajuraho Dance Festival

Khjuraho Dance Festival begins in spring season or at the end of January and beginning of February when dry winter fades and extreme summers are yet to begin.

   History of Khajuraho Dance Festival

Khajuraho Temples were built by Chandela Rulers of Jejakbhukti who ruled Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho temples are dedicated to deities of Shaivite Sect. Architecture of Khajuraho Temples is unique specimen of Indian Architectural Heritage. Overview and style of Khajuraho temples give one look of Mountain Ranges. There are numerous temples of Shiva and Vishnu with Goddesses. It is believed that once Lord Shiva performed Tandava, the vigorous dance form at the temple. It is said that the Dance Traditions are dedicated to commemorate the same event. It is also believed by devotees that First Sunrays falls on the Kandariya Mahadev Temple dedicated to Lord Mahadev or Shiva. Thus, Khajuraho Dance Festivals are believed to be an allegiance to both, Lord Shiva and Sun God in Hinduism.

   Performances at Khajuraho Dance Festival

It is said that some of the Gods were not only dance and music lovers but they were themselves a great exponent of dance and music. Lord Krishna is the best example from Hindu Pantheon who has mastery over flute blowing and dance. Lord Shiva performed Tandava. These dances of the mind and soul diffuse all aspects of life and bring tint, elation and vivacity to the festivals and ceremonies of this country.
The Khajuraho Temple precincts sparkle in dainty of these cultural performances for a week in Dance Fest. This Dance Fest brings a life to the stone sculptures of Kajhuraho which have been studied by centuries by dancers of India and abroad. Khajuraho Temples have preserved all emotions and artistic expressions of Indian Classical Dance Forms.
This unique Dance Festival gives everyone opportunity to explore Indian Art, Culture and Heritage, especially the non-nationals.
Khajuraho Dance Festival organized by Government of Madhya Pradesh in collaboration with Culture and Tourism Ministry of India is a nice opportunity to discover roots of Indian cultural richness which have been thriving for centuries without decay.

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