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Group of Temples of Khajuraho ,India

Group of Temples of Khajuraho

The major attractions of Khajuraho are the sightseeing of Group of temples of Khajuraho. This group of temples includes:-

Temples with varying art-level at Khajuraho, India – brief summary of other artistic temples of Khajuraho

The classical flavor of the sculptures of Parsvanatha and Lakshmana temples is continued in Vesvanatha Temple, which has proportionate figures, displaying admirable poise and balance. The sculptures of Chitragupta and Jagadambi are some of the most artistic in Khajuraho.

In Kandariya Mahadev Temple the sculpture of Khajuraho achieves its development because it is the only temple which displays human figures with distinctive physiognomy. The sculptures of this temple are noticeably slim and taller and show the richest variety of apsara figures. These sculptures represent the highest watermark of the characteristic art diction of Khajuraho. The Vamana and Adinatha temples carry on the sculptural tradition. The apsara of this temple are shown giving very striking, difficult and almost twisted poses.

The sculptural art is on an obvious decline in Javari and Chatrubhuja temples. These contain largely conventionalized figures without much life or expression. Duladeo represents the last flicked of the dying lamp. It combines highly dynamic and romantic sculptures such as those of dancing nymphs and flying vidyadharas, with degenerate, stereotyped and lavishly ornamented figures. As per historian Krishna Deva, plastically and iconographic ally, Duladeo marks the exhaustion of the remarkable vitality for which the Khajuraho sculptures are being famous.

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